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YONEX US Open 2023: A Historic Return of the HSBC BWF World Tour

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived – after a four-year hiatus, the HSBC BWF World Tour is making its post-COVID comeback on American soil with the YONEX US Open 2023. This year’s event is particularly special as it takes place in Council Bluffs, Iowa, marking the first time in its 69-year history.

Former Champions Return to Compete

Among the participants, we have the privilege of witnessing the return of Lin Chun-yi and Hsu Ya Ching, the only former winners in the competition. Both athletes emerged victorious in 2019, with Hsu now competing in women’s doubles alongside Lin Wan Ching, after her previous success in mixed doubles alongside Lee Jhe-Huei.

Chinese Taipei’s Potential Triumph

If Lin and Hsu manage to secure another victory this year, they will make history as the first Chinese Taipei shuttlers to achieve back-to-back wins in the tournament. Lin will also join the ranks of Vietnamese player Tien Minh Nguyen, who previously won the same discipline in consecutive editions in 2014.

New Title Opportunities for Top Seeds

This year’s US Open presents exciting opportunities for the top seeds as none of them have previously clinched the title. Kunlavut Vitidsarn, Ye Hong Wei (in men’s and mixed doubles, respectively), and Maiken Fruergaard/Sara Thygesen are making their tournament debuts, bringing fresh talent to the forefront.

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Denmark’s Quest for Women’s Doubles Success

Women’s doubles has been a category that Denmark has yet to conquer since Rikke Olsen and Helene Kirkegaard’s triumph in 1994. However, this year’s tournament may bring about a change in that trend, with the Danish representatives aiming to make their mark.

Malaysia’s Drought in Men’s Doubles

Goh Sze Fei and Nur Izzuddin, reuniting for their first competition together, have an additional incentive to perform well – breaking Malaysia’s 31-year drought in men’s doubles. The last Malaysian pair to win the US Open in this category was the legendary duo Cheah Soon Kit and Soo Beng Kiang back in 1992.

China’s Legacy in Men’s Singles

China’s dominance in men’s singles has been remarkable, with only one previous victory in the US Open, courtesy of Xiong Guobao in 1984. This year, Li Shi Feng (No.2 seed) and Weng Hong Yang (No.5 seed), both strong contenders, are looking to add to China’s legacy by clinching the title.

Thailand’s Historic Opportunity in Men’s Singles

Thailand has also left its mark on the US Open, being the sole title-holder in men’s singles 20 years ago. Kunlavut Vitidsarn aims to end the 59-year dry spell and bring glory to Thailand once again with a victory in this category.

American Hopes for Victory

Beiwen Zhang remains the most recent American champion, having claimed the title in 2014. This year, the home crowd has high hopes for Annie Xu and Kerry Xu in women’s doubles (seeded 8th) and Vinson Chiu and Jennie Gai in mixed doubles (seeded 5th).

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The Battle for Women’s Singles Honors

In the past five editions, only players from Japan and China have emerged as winners in women’s singles. However, this year could mark a historic moment, as Pusarla V. Sindhu has the chance to become the first women’s singles champion from India in the history of the tournament. Prannoy H. S., with his silverware in 2017, currently stands as the sole Indian with US Open success.

A Sweeping Triumph Yet to Be Seen

Since Korea’s clean sweep of the accolades in 1897, no nation has managed to replicate the feat. As we await the results of this year’s US Open, the question remains: will a new era of dominance emerge, or will the titles be spread among several countries once again?

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Caption: Sapsiree Taerattanachai celebrates her victory over Yuka Kusunose in the final of a previous tournament.

Standout Stat:

Thailand’s Sapsiree Taerattanachai (2013), known for her achievements in mixed doubles, stands as the lone women’s singles titlist from her country.


Q: When was the last time the HSBC BWF World Tour took place in the United States?
A: The YONEX US Open 2023 marks the first post-COVID return of the HSBC BWF World Tour to American soil after a four-year break.

Q: Who are the former winners competing in this edition of the US Open?
A: Lin Chun-yi and Hsu Ya Ching, both winners in 2019, are the only former champions participating in this year’s tournament.

Q: Which countries have had the most success in women’s singles at the US Open?
A: In recent editions, players from Japan and China have been the dominant forces in women’s singles at the US Open.

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Q: Is there any chance of an American champion this year?
A: Beiwen Zhang remains the most recent American champion, winning the title in 2014. This year, hopes are high for Annie Xu and Kerry Xu in women’s doubles, as well as Vinson Chiu and Jennie Gai in mixed doubles.


The YONEX US Open 2023 promises to be an exhilarating event as top badminton players from around the world reunite on American soil. With former champions, rising stars, and the quest for historical milestones, the stage is set for unforgettable performances. Follow the action and witness history unfold at the HSBC BWF World Tour’s long-awaited return to Council Bluffs, Iowa. For more information, visit the official Carnegiecentre website.