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It’s a New Beginning for Mark Lamsfuss and Isabel Lohau at the BWF World Tour

BWF World Tour

It’s been 11 months since Mark Lamsfuss and Isabel Lohau impressed everyone with their quarterfinal run at the HSBC BWF World Tour. Today, we’re thrilled to share their triumphant return to the quarterfinals at the VICTOR Hong Kong Open 2023. This dynamic German duo defeated Adnan Maulana and Nita Violina Marwah in straight games with a score of 21-19, 21-18.

Overcoming Challenges and Celebrating Success

“It’s a big relief,” shared Lamsfuss. “We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, and the wait to reach this stage again has been quite long. I faced physical and mental struggles along the way.”

Early in the 2023 season, Lamsfuss and Lohau faced disappointments, exiting five tournaments in the opening round. Lamsfuss also sustained a knee injury during practice at the Singapore Open, further delaying their journey to regain form. Despite undergoing plica removal surgery in July, Lamsfuss encountered setbacks when his rehabilitation took longer than anticipated.

“We were hoping to restart after two weeks, but it ended up taking seven weeks. We had no practice before the World Championships; we simply stepped out to play,” revealed the 29-year-old.

Reflecting on their challenging circumstances, Lohau added, “Finally winning some matches and reaching the quarterfinals means a lot to us.”

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Road to Redemption: Quarterfinal Showdown

In the upcoming quarterfinals, Lamsfuss and Lohau will face Hiroki Midorikawa and Natsu Saito, whom they defeated in the first round of the World Championships last year. The Japanese pair, formerly ranked 58th, has impressively risen to 18th with their stable performances.

“They’ve improved significantly and are more accustomed to the level of the World Tour,” commented Lohau. “It will be a tough match, but we are prepared. With the right mindset and performance, anything is possible. Let’s see who emerges victorious.”

Lamsfuss echoed the sentiment, saying, “Let’s start fresh and push ourselves to see how far we can go.”


Q: Can you provide more details about Mark Lamsfuss and Isabel Lohau’s previous achievements?
A: Mark Lamsfuss and Isabel Lohau previously made it to the quarterfinals at the HSBC BWF World Tour, specifically at the Super 750 French Open. However, they were stopped in the semifinals by the eventual winners Zheng Si Wei and Huang Ya Qiong.

Q: How has Mark Lamsfuss’s knee injury affected their performance?
A: Mark Lamsfuss’s knee injury during practice at the Singapore Open resulted in a prolonged break and affected their preparations for subsequent tournaments. However, they have persevered and are now making a strong comeback.


Congratulations to Mark Lamsfuss and Isabel Lohau for their impressive performance at the VICTOR Hong Kong Open 2023. Their resilience and determination in the face of challenges are truly inspiring. We eagerly await their upcoming quarterfinal match and wish them the best of luck in their continued journey at the BWF World Tour.

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