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Shi Yu Qi Makes Stunning Comeback to Reach Denmark Open Final

After a 10-month hiatus from the badminton circuit, Shi Yu Qi has proved he’s back in top form by reaching the final of the Denmark Open 2022. In an exhilarating match against Kodai Naraoka, Shi overcame a tough challenge to secure a spot in the Super 750 showpiece match.

Shi, a 26-year-old Chinese player, expressed his surprise at reaching the final so quickly. He stated, “Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would make a final this quickly. It’s not in my nature to think that way, I just take one match at a time.” This final appearance will be his first since the 2019 Macau Open.

The match against Naraoka was a test of endurance and skill. Despite facing adverse conditions, Shi showed his control and determination. Reflecting on the game, Shi explained, “The decider came down to our individual performances – who could hang onto it more, and who could be persistent and push through.”

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After a period of intense training and motivation, Shi made his comeback at the BWF World Championships earlier this year. Although he exited in the round of 16, he remained committed to improving and serving as a role model for his teammates.

Shi demonstrated flashes of his former self during the match, delivering impressive cross-court winners that showcased his skill and style. He confessed to a drop in confidence prior to the tournament but emphasized that his win had boosted it to around 80%.

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Responding to questions about his fuel for the final, Shi simply stated, “As much as I need to get through it.” His opponent in the final will be Lee Zii Jia, who secured his place with a victory over Loh Kean Yew.

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Q: Have Shi Yu Qi and Lee Zii Jia faced each other before?

A: There is no record of a previous match between Shi Yu Qi and Lee Zii Jia. This final will be an exciting clash between two talented players.

Q: How has Lee Zii Jia performed in previous tournaments?

A: Lee Zii Jia has had mixed results in recent tournaments, with some underwhelming performances. However, he expressed his breakthrough result at the Denmark Open and is determined to regain his confidence.

Q: What are the expectations for the final match?

A: Both Shi Yu Qi and Lee Zii Jia are eager to claim victory in the final. Fans can anticipate a thrilling and competitive match between these two skilled athletes.


Shi Yu Qi’s unexpected journey to the Denmark Open 2022 final is a testament to his resilience and determination. After a long break from the sport, he has proven that he is back in top form and ready to compete at the highest level. The final match against Lee Zii Jia promises to be an exciting showdown that fans won’t want to miss.

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