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Ng Ka Long Angus and Chou Tien Chen Spar at YONEX French Open 2019

Hong Kong China’s Ng Ka Long Angus and Chinese Taipei’s Chou Tien Chen have a long-standing rivalry in badminton. As they faced each other at the YONEX French Open 2019, Chou had the upper hand with a head-to-head record of 10 wins to Ng’s 4. However, what the statistics don’t show is that Chou had won the last four matches, driving Ng crazy.

In a thrilling showdown, Ng finally emerged victorious, breaking the losing streak against Chou. Ecstatic about the win, Ng said, “I’m really happy because before this match I’d lost to him four consecutive times. It’s a big breakthrough for me.” With a renewed determination, Ng focused on staying calm and taking each point one by one.

The match was intense, with Chou taking the first game 25-23. Ng fought back and won the second game 21-17, setting up a tense finale. Ng has been in similar situations before, but this time, he didn’t let the opportunity slip away. At 13-11 down in the third game, he elevated his game and won 10 of the next 13 points, securing a rare early-round defeat for the world No.2.

In the post-match interview, Ng highlighted the importance of the Olympic qualification period and the seriousness of each match. He stated, “I really hope I can get into the world’s top eight as I will get a better seeding and increase my chances of better results.” His next challenge is a match against Viktor Axelsen, who is in top form, for a place in the semifinals.

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Youth vs. Experience: Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty Shine

India’s rising stars in badminton, Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty, displayed an outstanding performance of their own at the YONEX French Open 2019. They defeated world champions Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan with a score of 21-18, 18-21, 21-13.

Rankireddy and Shetty, in just their second meeting against the legendary Indonesian pair, managed to surpass their previous success at the Thailand Open when they clinched the title by defeating Li Jun Hui and Liu Yu Chen. Overjoyed with their victory, they expressed, “[Ahsan and Setiawan] are our idols. We know their game from watching them as kids. We’re so happy to beat them. It’s definitely one of the biggest wins of our career.”

This win signifies a step in the right direction for the Indian duo, who have faced several setbacks throughout the year. Rankireddy had to take time off in the early months of 2019 to recover from a chest bone injury. Following their triumphant HSBC BWF World Tour title win in Bangkok, they were plagued by another injury. Now, their focus is on consistency and gaining more experience in big games.

“We just need more experience in these big games and we’ll only get that by winning,” said Rankireddy. They are determined to continue their growth and aim for future victories.

Satwik and Chirag (right) were back to their dynamic best.


Q: How many times had Ng Ka Long Angus lost to Chou Tien Chen before their match at the YONEX French Open 2019?

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A: Prior to their match, Ng had lost to Chou four consecutive times.

Q: Who did Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty defeat at the YONEX French Open 2019?

A: They defeated world champions Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan.


The YONEX French Open 2019 witnessed thrilling matches and surprising outcomes. Ng Ka Long Angus managed to break his losing streak against Chou Tien Chen, showcasing his determination and skills. Meanwhile, Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty continued to shine, defeating experienced opponents and aiming for more success in the future. These matches exemplify the passion and competitiveness that make badminton a captivating sport.

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