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Pusarla V. Sindhu Sets Sights on Return to Top Form

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Pusarla V. Sindhu, the former women’s singles champion, was defeated by world No.1 Akane Yamaguchi at the Singapore Open 2023. Despite her emotional exit, Pusarla remains determined to regain her best form and make a strong comeback.

Reflecting on the Match

In a post-match interview, Pusarla expressed her gratitude for being back on the court after recovering from an injury. She acknowledged that the match could have gone either way, but she remains optimistic about her progress.

“Sometimes it’s really hard to lose close matches, but I’m going to come back stronger,” Pusarla said. “It’s important for me to learn from my mistakes and get back to my best form, especially in this Olympic qualification year.”

Road to Recovery

Pusarla’s journey back to top form has not been easy. After sustaining a hairline fracture in her left ankle during last year’s Commonwealth Games, she had to take a four-month break, the longest break she has had since 2015.

However, she has shown promising signs of improvement since her return. Despite a few early defeats, she finished as the runner-up at the Spain Masters in April and reached the semifinals of the Malaysia Masters just two weeks ago.

Looking Ahead

Pusarla acknowledges that she is close to reaching her top form again. With the right rhythm and continued dedication to her training, she believes she can make a strong comeback.

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Her next challenge will be at the Indonesia Open, the year’s third Super 1000 event. Pusarla will start her campaign against local favorite Gregoria Mariska Tunjung, as she continues her pursuit of reclaiming her position at the top.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long was Pusarla sidelined due to injury?

Pusarla had to miss the rest of the season following a hairline fracture in her left ankle at last year’s Commonwealth Games. It was her longest break since 2015.

2. What recent achievements has Pusarla had?

Pusarla finished as the runner-up at the Spain Masters in April and reached the semifinals of the Malaysia Masters.

3. What is Pusarla’s next tournament?

Pusarla will be competing in the Indonesia Open, the third Super 1000 event of the year. She will face Gregoria Mariska Tunjung in her first match.


Pusarla V. Sindhu may have faced a setback at the Singapore Open, but she remains determined to find her best version and make a strong comeback. Her journey to reclaiming her position at the top of women’s singles badminton is filled with challenges, but she is ready to face them head-on. With her relentless dedication and the right rhythm, there’s no doubt that Pusarla will once again be a formidable force on the court. To stay updated on Pusarla’s progress, visit Carnegiecentre.