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Anthony Ginting Triumphs in a Nail-Biting Match at the BLIBLI Indonesia Open 2019

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Indonesia’s own Anthony Ginting put on a spectacular show at the BLIBLI Indonesia Open 2019, narrowly defeating rising Chinese star Lu Guang Zu in an intense three-game battle. Though Indonesia faced setbacks in other matches, Ginting’s victory brought a ray of sunshine to the opening day of the tournament.

The Thrilling Match

The match between Ginting and Lu was filled with thrilling twists and turns, leaving the crowd on the edge of their seats. Both players showed incredible skill and determination, with each gaining and losing momentum throughout the game. In the first game, Ginting fought back from a 20-16 deficit to save four game points, ultimately losing 22-20. However, he quickly turned the tables in the second game, overcoming a 10-16 and 17-20 disadvantage to secure a narrow victory at 23-21. The third game saw a dip in Lu’s consistency, allowing Ginting to build a substantial lead of 16-8. Nevertheless, Lu fought back fiercely, narrowing the gap to 17-18. In a thrilling finale, Ginting regained his composure, scoring consecutive points and ultimately sealing his victory at 20-22, 23-21, 21-18.

The Chinese player Lu displayed great tenacity and skill throughout the match, keeping Ginting on his toes. Ginting himself acknowledged Lu’s potential, stating, “There is something special about him, and I think he’s next in line for the Chinese team.”

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Other Highlights

While Ginting’s triumphant match stood out, there were other notable moments during the BLIBLI Indonesia Open 2019:

  • Malaysia’s Vivian Hoo and Yap Cheng Wen won a thrilling match against India’s Ashwini Ponnappa and Sikki Reddy, saving a match point in the third game. The final score was 22-20, 20-22, 22-20.
  • Thailand’s Kantaphon Wangcharoen exhibited great determination and skill in a marathon 85-minute match against Japan’s Kanta Tsuneyama, ultimately winning 21-19, 19-21, 21-17. Wangcharoen will now face Ginting in the second round.
  • Japan’s Yuta Watanabe and Arisa Higashino were forced to retire from their match against Chris Adcock and Gabrielle Adcock due to Higashino’s foot injury, sustained in training. However, the injury is reportedly not serious, and the duo is expected to compete at the Japan Open next week.
  • Canada’s Michelle Li avenged her defeat to Sung Ji Hyun last year, battling her way to victory with a score of 21-12, 14-21, 21-17 in an hour-long match.


Q: How did Anthony Ginting manage to turn the match around against Lu Guang Zu?
A: Ginting showcased his resilience and skill, saving crucial game points in the first game and maintaining his composure to secure victory in the second and third games.

Q: Who are the notable players to watch out for in the BLIBLI Indonesia Open 2019?
A: Besides Ginting, players like Jonatan Christie, Marcus Fernaldi Gideon, and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo are crowd favorites who passed their first-round tests with some difficulty.


The BLIBLI Indonesia Open 2019 kicked off with a bang, featuring intense matches and incredible displays of skill. Anthony Ginting’s thrilling victory against Lu Guang Zu was the highlight of the day, showcasing his determination and talent. As the tournament progresses, fans can look forward to more exciting matches and outstanding performances from some of the world’s best badminton players.

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