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BWF World Tour 2019: Leverdez Makes a Comeback with Stunning Victory

Brice Leverdez, the 33-year-old French badminton player, showcased his resilience and skill as he defeated eighth seed Anthony Sinisuka Ginting in a thrilling match at the DANISA Denmark Open 2019. Leverdez, who had been struggling with injuries, marked this victory as his comeback to the HSBC BWF World Tour after a seven-month hiatus.

Leverdez had faced a challenging period after suffering an injury during the European Games, which affected his performance and confidence. However, his determination and intense training paid off as he emerged triumphant. He described this win as a fresh start and expressed his happiness at regaining his form.

The Frenchman’s journey to victory included facing defeat in several tournaments, but he remained undeterred. Leverdez now sets his sights on breaking into the top 30 rankings by the end of the year and aims to continue his winning streak.

In the next round, Leverdez will compete against Tommy Sugiarto, another experienced player. This match promises to be an exciting battle between two skilled athletes.


Q: How long was Brice Leverdez out due to injury?

A: Brice Leverdez was out of the game for seven months due to his injury.

Q: What is Leverdez’s goal for the year?

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A: Leverdez aims to regain his position in the top 30 rankings by the end of the year.

Q: Who will be Leverdez’s opponent in the next round?

A: Leverdez will face Tommy Sugiarto in the second round of the tournament.


Brice Leverdez, the French badminton player, made a remarkable comeback at the DANISA Denmark Open 2019 after a seven-month absence from the HSBC BWF World Tour due to injury. Leverdez’s hard work and dedication paid off as he defeated Anthony Sinisuka Ginting in a thrilling match. This victory marks a fresh start for Leverdez, propelling him towards his goal of reaching the top 30 rankings by the end of the year. In the next round, he will face Tommy Sugiarto, setting the stage for an exciting match between two seasoned players. Don’t miss the action as Leverdez continues his impressive comeback.