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Fukushima and Hirota Clinch Second Consecutive Indonesia Open Title

The Japan women’s doubles pair of Yuki Fukushima and Sayaka Hirota secured their second consecutive Indonesia Open title by defeating their compatriots, Misaki Matsutomo and Ayaka Takahashi, in a thrilling match at the Istora. This victory marks Fukushima and Hirota’s third title of the 2019 HSBC BWF World Tour and their sixth win over Matsutomo and Takahashi in nine encounters.

Indonesia Open champions again.

However, it should be noted that Matsumoto and Takahashi were both battling injuries throughout the week. Despite this, Fukushima and Hirota took charge in the first game, building an insurmountable lead. Knowing that they had never been able to overcome their opponents after losing the first game, Matsutomo and Takahashi came back strong in the second set, initially leading at 15-10 and 17-12. Unfortunately for them, Fukushima and Hirota regained their momentum, speeding up the game and winning 10 of the next 11 points to close out the match.

Reflecting on their impressive win, Hirota shared, “We knew our opponents weren’t in top physical condition, and in the second game, it was much faster.” She emphasized their ultimate goal of qualifying for the Olympics, stating, “Each and every tournament, we must win. Our opponents today are Olympic champions, but we haven’t been, and we desperately want to go.”

Despite their physical limitations, Takahashi expressed her optimism for the upcoming Japan Open, saying, “At the moment, it’s very tight for competition in Japan among the women’s doubles teams. We played here in Indonesia to get qualifying points for the Olympics. We really want to get to the finals next week in Japan. Even though we struggled today, we do see a chance for us to win next week.”

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Takahashi (left) and Matsumoto battled injury throughout the week.

This victory adds to Fukushima and Hirota’s successful campaign, which already includes titles at the Malaysian Masters in January and the Australian Open in June. They currently hold the second position in the HSBC BWF Race To Guangzhou Standings.


Q: How many titles have Fukushima and Hirota won in the 2019 HSBC BWF World Tour so far?
A: Fukushima and Hirota have won three titles in the 2019 HSBC BWF World Tour.

Q: How many times have Fukushima and Hirota defeated Matsutomo and Takahashi?
A: Fukushima and Hirota have won six out of their nine matches against Matsutomo and Takahashi.

Q: What is the ultimate goal for Fukushima and Hirota?
A: The ultimate goal for Fukushima and Hirota is to qualify for the Olympics and become Olympic champions.


Fukushima and Hirota’s outstanding performance in clinching their second consecutive Indonesia Open title is a testament to their skills and determination. Despite facing tough opponents battling injuries, they showcased their speed and control to emerge victorious. As they continue their journey towards the Olympics, all eyes will be on them to see if they can fulfill their dream of becoming Olympic champions.

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