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Kento Momota and Anthony Ginting to Face Off in VICTOR China Open 2019 Men’s Singles Final

For the second year in a row, Kento Momota and Anthony Ginting are set to compete in the men’s singles final at the VICTOR China Open 2019. In a thrilling semifinal session, both players fought hard to secure their spots in the final.

An Instant Classic: Momota vs. Chen Long

The semifinal match between world champion Kento Momota and four-time China Open winner Chen Long was nothing short of spectacular. Lasting a grueling 87 minutes, it showcased the incredible skill and determination of both players.

Chen Long, in particular, displayed a near-vintage performance, moving fluidly on the court and causing constant problems for Momota. At 15-12 in the decider, an upset seemed possible, but Momota relied on his experience and strategic prowess to turn the match around.

Throughout the game, both players struggled with the draft in the hall, making it difficult to control the shuttle as they intended. This resulted in an intriguing battle at the net, reminiscent of a game of cat and mouse.

Ultimately, it was Chen’s series of errors at 15-12 in the third game that led to his defeat. Momota capitalized on this opportunity, winning six consecutive points from 15-16 down and clinching the match with a final score of 19-21, 21-18, 21-16.

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Momota expressed his doubts about winning midway through the match, acknowledging Chen Long’s defensive skills and aerial abilities. The pressure was immense, as Momota knew that any unforced errors could cost him the victory.

Chen Long’s Strong Showing

Chen Long, the Rio 2016 Olympic champion, showcased his peak physical condition during the match. He displayed agility, strength, and control, a rare sight in 2019. It has been a challenging year for Chen, who recently became a father with his wife, former player Wang Shixian. Balancing family and badminton has proved difficult, but Chen remains committed to competing.

Reflecting on the match, Chen admitted that he let his focus slip at the wrong time. He acknowledged that Momota’s superior focus played a crucial role in his victory. Momota’s ability to stay calm and unaffected by the windy conditions allowed him to overcome any errors, while Chen struggled to maintain his mental game.

Anthony Ginting’s Resilience

Defending China Open champion Anthony Sinisuka Ginting showed once again why he is a formidable opponent. In a thrilling comeback, Ginting defeated Anders Antonsen with a score of 18-21, 21-5, 21-14. Ginting’s style of play has served him well in the drafty conditions, as he consistently performs strongly in crucial moments.

This sets up a rematch of last year’s final, where Ginting was one of the few players to defeat Momota. In their previous encounter, Ginting emerged victorious with a score of 23-21, 21-19.

Looking Ahead

Both Momota and Ginting are now preparing for tomorrow’s final. Momota aims to secure his seventh title of the year and continue his impressive form. Ginting, on the other hand, is eager for a repeat performance and hopes to lift the trophy once again.

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Exciting times lie ahead in the VICTOR China Open 2019 men’s singles final. Badminton fans around the world are eagerly anticipating a thrilling match between two exceptional players.


1. When is the VICTOR China Open 2019 men’s singles final?

The final is scheduled to take place tomorrow.

2. How many titles has Kento Momota won this year?

If Momota wins the final, it will be his seventh title of the year.

3. Did Anthony Ginting defeat Momota in last year’s final?

Yes, Ginting was one of the few players to overcome Momota, winning with a score of 23-21, 21-19.


The VICTOR China Open 2019 promises to be unforgettable, with Kento Momota and Anthony Ginting set to face off in the men’s singles final. The semifinal matches showcased the incredible skill, resilience, and determination of both players. Fans eagerly await the final, anticipating a thrilling showdown between two of the best in the sport of badminton.

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