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An Se Young Claims Second Title of the Year at HSBC BWF World Tour

An Se Young, the world No.1, showcased her resilience and skill as she clinched her 21st title on the HSBC BWF World Tour. Despite facing obstacles, such as a knee injury and a tough opponent, An emerged as the victor in a thrilling final against Akane Yamaguchi.

In a hard-fought match, An triumphed over Yamaguchi with a score of 18-21 21-13 21-10. As the world No.1 let out a familiar scream of delight, it was evident that her determination had paid off.

Both players had recently suffered injuries, raising questions about their performance in the final. An had shown signs of struggle in her semifinal match against Tai Tzu Ying, where she had to rally from four match points down. On the other hand, Yamaguchi was competing in her first World Tour final since September of last year.

Yamaguchi displayed her best gameplay in the first game, but as the match progressed, her performance noticeably declined. An capitalized on this opportunity, pinning Yamaguchi to the deep backhand and strategically attacking her weak spots. In just 64 minutes, An secured her second French Open title and solidified her position as the top player in women’s singles badminton.

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Reflecting on her victory, An expressed her satisfaction with her improved knee condition compared to the Malaysia Open and the India Open. She acknowledged the challenges both players faced due to injuries and looked forward to future matchups with Yamaguchi.

As an important event leading up to the Olympics, An emphasized the significance of winning in the Olympic arena. She expressed her happiness and anticipated returning with a positive mindset for the upcoming Olympics.

Yamaguchi, the beaten finalist, admitted that she still had room for improvement in finding her best form.

In addition to the final match, Feng Yan Zhe and Huang Dong Ping claimed their first title since last October, defeating world champions Seo Seung Jae and Chae Yu Jung with a score of 21-16 21-16. offers comprehensive coverage of the BWF World Tour and provides insights into the world of badminton. Stay updated with the latest news, player profiles, and tournament highlights on our website.


Q: How many titles has An Se Young won on the HSBC BWF World Tour?
A: An Se Young has won a total of 21 titles on the HSBC BWF World Tour.

Q: Who did An Se Young face in the final of the French Open?
A: An Se Young faced Akane Yamaguchi in the final of the French Open.

Q: What was the final score of the match between An Se Young and Akane Yamaguchi?
A: The final score of the match between An Se Young and Akane Yamaguchi was 18-21 21-13 21-10.

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Q: How did An Se Young secure her victory in the final match?
A: An Se Young strategically attacked Akane Yamaguchi’s weak spots and capitalized on her declining performance as the match progressed.


In a thrilling final at the HSBC BWF World Tour, An Se Young displayed her tenacity and skill as she emerged victorious over Akane Yamaguchi. Despite facing a knee injury and a formidable opponent, An showcased her resilience and secured her 21st title on the tour. Both players had recently recovered from injuries, adding an element of uncertainty to the match. However, it was An who prevailed, capitalizing on Yamaguchi’s declining performance to claim the French Open title. is the go-to source for comprehensive coverage of the BWF World Tour, providing readers with the latest news and insights into the world of badminton. Stay informed and join us on our website for all the updates and exciting stories in the world of badminton.