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Breaking News: Line Kjaersfeldt Defeats Carolina Marin at PETRONAS Malaysia Open 2022

Line Kjaersfeldt’s persistence pays off as she achieves a remarkable victory against Carolina Marin in the second round of the PETRONAS Malaysia Open 2022. Despite never getting past Marin in their previous 10 encounters, Kjaersfeldt finally emerges triumphant after a thrilling three-set match, with a score of 21-19, 19-21, 21-13.

In an interview, Kjaersfeldt humbly acknowledges that Marin might not have been at her best during the match. Nevertheless, she celebrates the win as a significant milestone in her badminton career. This triumph marks Kjaersfeldt’s third consecutive quarterfinal appearance, following her successful performances at the Indonesia Masters and the Indonesia Open earlier this month.

Reflecting on her victory, Kjaersfeldt says, “I know that she’s just coming back from a really serious injury again, so I also knew that maybe she’s not in her best shape right now. But that’s my chance. And I took it and I’m so happy.”

Kjaersfeldt recognizes Marin’s influence as a top player in women’s singles and expresses her confidence in competing against the best. She adds, “Two weeks ago I beat Ratchanok; I know I can beat the top players. I love playing her in Malaysia. Of course, it’s tough conditions with the drift, but it’s amazing playing here, and I’m also growing mentally, that’s why I’m standing in the quarterfinals.”

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Marin, on the other hand, remains disappointed with her performance. She acknowledges the challenge posed by the drift and accepts defeat as a part of the game. Marin says, “I’m pretty disappointed. I couldn’t control the shuttle in the drift today. But this is life, it’s sometimes like this. You have to learn from the losses and push on.”

In another match, Ratchanok Intanon, the 2016 champion, managed to turn the tide in her favor after a close call against Beiwen Zhang from the USA. Despite facing a hefty 16-9 deficit, Intanon showcased her skills and mental fortitude to secure the win.

The PETRONAS Malaysia Open 2022 witnessed several other highlights, including the unexpected exit of Olympic champions Lee Yang/Wang Chi-Lin, who were defeated by home favorites Ong Yew Sin/Teo Ee Yi. Additionally, Malaysia faced mixed fortunes in the doubles category, with Pearly Tan/Thinaah Muralitharan falling to Zhang Shu Xian/Zheng Yu, while Chen Tang Jie/Valeree Siow were unable to pose a significant threat to Zheng Si Wei/Huang Ya Qiong.

Furthermore, third seed An Se Young suffered an early exit in the second round, losing to China’s Han Yue in a hard-fought match that ended with a score of 21-23, 21-18, 21-16.

Stay tuned for more updates on the PETRONAS Malaysia Open 2022 as the competition intensifies and the players strive for glory on the badminton court.


Q: How many times has Line Kjaersfeldt played against Carolina Marin before this match?
A: Prior to this match, Kjaersfeldt had faced Marin 10 times, but this victory marks her first win against the Spanish player.

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Q: What is the significance of Line Kjaersfeldt’s victory?
A: Kjaersfeldt’s win against Marin is a significant achievement in her badminton career. It demonstrates her growth as a player and her ability to compete against top-ranked opponents.

Q: Who are some notable players who faced tough challenges in the PETRONAS Malaysia Open 2022?
A: Olympic champions Lee Yang/Wang Chi-Lin and third seed An Se Young both experienced unexpected defeats, highlighting the intense competition in the tournament.

Q: How did Ratchanok Intanon turn the match around against Beiwen Zhang?
A: Despite being at a significant disadvantage, Ratchanok Intanon displayed exceptional skills and mental fortitude to take control of the match and secure the victory.


In a thrilling encounter at the PETRONAS Malaysia Open 2022, Line Kjaersfeldt achieved a significant milestone by defeating Carolina Marin. Kjaersfeldt’s persistence paid off as she outlasted Marin in a three-set match, securing her spot in the quarterfinals. The victory symbolizes Kjaersfeldt’s growth as a player and her ability to compete against top-ranked opponents. In another gripping match, Ratchanok Intanon overturned a substantial deficit to emerge victorious against Beiwen Zhang. The competition also witnessed unexpected exits, including Olympic champions Lee Yang/Wang Chi-Lin and third seed An Se Young. Stay updated with the PETRONAS Malaysia Open 2022 as the competition continues to unfold.