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Badminton is not just a game of skill and strategy; it’s also about the camaraderie and empathy shared between players. In a recent match between Michelle Li and Mia Blichfeldt at the YONEX All England 2024 tournament, a moment of concern brought to light the challenges and resilience that players face.

During the match, Blichfeldt slipped on the court and stayed down for a while, causing Li to approach the net with genuine worry for her opponent’s well-being. This display of compassion is not uncommon in badminton, especially for Li, who has experienced the hardships of injury firsthand.

Li herself had suffered a meniscus tear on her right knee last August, which required surgery and months of recovery. She had to rush her return to the court in January due to the upcoming Olympics. This was not an isolated incident for Li, as she had previously undergone surgeries for her hip and knee after the 2016 Olympics.

As she watched Blichfeldt struggling on the floor, Li’s concern was deeply rooted in her personal experience of pain and the long road to recovery. Li expressed, “I would never wish that on anybody. The last six months have just been really tough, and just to see it happen, I really hope she’ll keep playing and I hope it isn’t anything serious. I felt worried, but at the same time I had to stay focused.”

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The victory was significant for Li, as Blichfeldt had previously defeated her in the semifinals of the YONEX German Open 2024. Reflecting on her performance, Li acknowledged that she was better prepared this time, having adjusted to Blichfeldt’s shots, intensity, and speed. Li recognized Blichfeldt’s strength at the net and her overall presence on the court.

Regarding her own progress, Li expressed satisfaction, stating, “Every week I feel a bit better. The leg is getting better, and I’m getting more used to my shots. There are still areas I need to improve, as I make more unforced errors than before. It takes time to come back stronger, and I want to surpass my previous level. As my leg recovers, I believe my confidence will grow, and I will continue to work hard, taking one day at a time.”

Despite the loss, Blichfeldt commended Li for playing exceptionally well and acknowledged that she was unable to maintain the level she had shown at the German Open. Fortunately, the injury was not severe, and Blichfeldt expressed relief over her condition.

In the wider scope of the tournament, there were other notable highlights. Korea’s world champions in men’s doubles and mixed doubles, Seo Seung Jae/Chae Yu Jung, were defeated in their opening matches. French Open champion Shi Yu Qi faced a tough challenge against Rasmus Gemke, with the match lasting 81 minutes and ending in a close victory for Shi. The mixed doubles match between Robin Tabeling/Selena Piek and Mathias Thyrri/Amalie Magelund was also an intense contest, with Tabeling/Piek saving two match points to secure the win.

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Overall, the YONEX All England 2024 tournament showcased not only the skill and determination of the players but also their compassion and support for one another. It serves as a reminder that the badminton community stands united, even in the face of adversity.


Q: How did Michelle Li react when Mia Blichfeldt slipped on the court during their match?
A: Michelle Li showed genuine concern for her opponent’s well-being and approached the net to check on Blichfeldt.

Q: Did Michelle Li have any personal experience with injuries?
A: Yes, Michelle Li had previously suffered a meniscus tear on her right knee, which required surgery and months of recovery. She had also undergone surgeries for her hip and knee after the 2016 Olympics.

Q: How did Michelle Li feel about her victory over Mia Blichfeldt?
A: Michelle Li was pleased with her performance and felt more prepared for Blichfeldt’s shots and intensity compared to their previous match at the YONEX German Open 2024.


The YONEX All England 2024 tournament witnessed a moment of empathy and concern between Michelle Li and Mia Blichfeldt. Li, who had experienced her fair share of injuries, showed genuine worry when Blichfeldt slipped on the court. This incident highlighted the challenges and hardships that players face, emphasizing the importance of compassion within the badminton community.

Despite her personal experiences, Li emerged victorious in the match, displaying her resilience and determination. Blichfeldt acknowledged Li’s exceptional gameplay and attributed her loss to Li’s skills and strategic approach. The tournament also showcased other intense matches, underscoring the competitiveness and talent within the badminton world.

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Overall, the YONEX All England 2024 tournament serves as a reminder that badminton is not just a sport but a community built on support and understanding. The players’ camaraderie and determination to overcome obstacles make the sport even more captivating and inspiring for fans worldwide.

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