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Beiwen Zhang Receives Invitation to BWF World Tour Finals

News | BWF World Tour Finals

Beiwen Zhang’s determination has paid off as she has received an invitation to participate in the prestigious HSBC BWF World Tour Finals. This comes after He Bingjiao from China declined her own invitation due to injury. Zhang will join Canada’s Michelle Li as the only two singles players from Pan Am to qualify for the season finale.

The Top Performers of the Year

Tai Tzu Ying (Chinese Taipei)

The incredibly talented Tai Tzu Ying continued to dominate Women’s Singles this year. She had an outstanding first half of the year, winning five consecutive titles out of six finals. Although she faced a setback with a quarterfinal exit at the World Championships, she bounced back with a gold medal at the Asian Games. Despite a slight decline in form in Japan and China, Tai reached three more finals and clinched titles in Chinese Taipei and France. Her exceptional skills and consistent gameplay make her a strong contender.

News | BWF World Tour Finals

Nozomi Okuhara (Japan)

Although not at her peak form from her World Championships victory in 2017, Okuhara showcased her recovery from previous injury concerns. She made it to five World Tour finals and emerged victorious in three, including wins in Thailand, Korea, and Hong Kong. Okuhara’s resilience and determination make her a formidable opponent.

News | BWF World Tour Finals

Akane Yamaguchi (Japan)

Yamaguchi proved to be a tough competitor this year, being one of the only two players to defeat Tai in a final. She consistently performed well throughout the season, reaching at least the semi-finals in eight events. Yamaguchi secured victories in the German Open and the French Open and showcased her skills against her compatriot Nozomi Okuhara with wins in Germany and Indonesia.

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News | BWF World Tour Finals

Chen Yufei (China)

Chen Yufei had a breakthrough year, winning her first major title. She emerged as the top Women’s Singles player in China, showcasing her ability to perform under pressure. Chen reached five finals, including a memorable win against Carolina Marin in the final of the Fuzhou China Open. Her steady game and determination make her a rising star in the badminton world.

News | BWF World Tour Finals

Ratchanok Intanon (Thailand)

Intanon had a relatively challenging season compared to her previous years. Although she started the year strongly with a win at the Malaysia Masters and reached the semi-finals in Indonesia and India, her form declined afterward. However, she showed glimpses of her brilliance with a runner-up finish at the Hong Kong Open. Intanon’s inconsistent performance this year raises questions about her overall form, but she remains a talented player.

News | BWF World Tour Finals

Pusarla V Sindhu (India)

It was a tough year for Pusarla V Sindhu, who faced disappointment in four finals. Despite narrowly missing out on victory at the India Open, she showed resilience and reached three consecutive finals. At the World Championships, she struggled against Carolina Marin, and at the Thailand Open and Asian Games, she was defeated by Nozomi Okuhara and Tai Tzu Ying. Pusarla hopes for a change in fortune at the season finale, where she finished as the runner-up last year.

News | BWF World Tour Finals

Michelle Li (Canada)

Michelle Li participated in an impressive 24 events this year, showcasing her dedication and determination. After several first-round losses in the latter part of the season, Li made a comeback by winning the Macau Open. This victory boosted her rankings and secured her place in the season finale for the first time in her career. Li’s wins over strong opponents this year prove that she can compete with the best at the World Tour Finals.

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News | BWF World Tour Finals

Beiwen Zhang (USA)

Beiwen Zhang’s journey to become one of the top players on the circuit is truly inspiring. Without much support, she has managed to rise to World No.12. Zhang’s highlight this year was her victory against Pusarla at the India Open. She also had impressive runner-up finishes at the US Open and the Korea Open. Her relentless determination and hard work have earned her an invitation to the season finale after earlier qualifiers Carolina Marin and He Bingjiao withdrew due to injury.

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  • What is the BWF World Tour Finals?
    The BWF World Tour Finals is a prestigious badminton tournament that brings together the top players from around the world to compete for the title and recognition.

  • How are players selected for the BWF World Tour Finals?
    Players are selected based on their performance throughout the year in various qualifying tournaments. The top-ranked players in each category receive invitations to participate in the season finale.

  • Where is the BWF World Tour Finals held?
    The BWF World Tour Finals’ location changes each year. It provides an opportunity to showcase badminton in different countries and regions.


The BWF World Tour Finals is set to be an exciting event with talented players from across the globe competing for glory. Beiwen Zhang’s inclusion adds to the anticipation as she joins the elite group of qualifiers. With their exceptional skills and determination, these players are sure to provide thrilling matches and showcase the beauty of badminton. Let’s eagerly await the action-packed tournament!

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