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Ninety-one minutes of an engrossing quarterfinal later, Sankar Muthusamy was ready for more. This was business as usual for the left-handed Indian, who revels in the long game. And so, after he’d taken Hu Zhe An through slow punishing routines of precise deep clears and net-hugging drops to dent his Chinese opponent’s big-hitting game, Muthusamy declared that the marathon match had taken little away; he’d be in shape for the semifinal against another exciting left-hander, Panitchaphon Teeraratsakul.

Sankar Muthusamy’s Impressive Performance

Sankar Muthusamy, the junior world No.4, showcased his skills and determination in an intense quarterfinal match. Despite starting off quick and attacking, he adapted his style to a more defensive approach to counter his opponent’s hustle. Muthusamy’s ability to control the pace and tire out his opponent led to his victory. As a defensive player, Muthusamy is accustomed to training for long matches, making him well-prepared for the upcoming semifinal against Panitchaphon Teeraratsakul.

Sankar Muthusamy

Upsets and Disappointments

The top half of the draw witnessed a surprising defeat as world No.1 Alex Lanier lost to Chinese Taipei’s Kuo Kuan Lin. Lanier, being the favorite, admitted feeling the pressure, which affected his performance. Reflecting on the match, Lanier acknowledged that he couldn’t find his rhythm and control the game against his opponent. Despite the disappointment, Lanier remains determined to improve and regain his form.

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In the women’s singles quarterfinals, Thailand’s Panitchaphon Teeraratsakul displayed his prowess with a straight-games victory over China’s Pan Yin Long. However, his compatriot, ‘Pink’ Pitchamon Opatniputh, couldn’t find her rhythm and suffered a defeat against Japan’s Tomoka Miyazaki. The women’s singles semifinals will be an all-Japanese affair, with Miyazaki facing Sorano Yoshikawa and Indonesia’s Ester Nurumi Tri Wardoyo taking on China’s Yuan An Qi in the bottom half of the draw.

Doubles Matchups

In the mixed doubles category, China secured all semifinal places, guaranteeing themselves the gold medal. Shen Xuan Yao and Li Qian had a close call against Japan’s Daigo Tanioka and Maya Taguchi, but managed to advance. The other pairs had a relatively comfortable passage into the semifinals, showcasing China’s dominance in the event.

The men’s doubles semifinals will feature four pairs from four nations. Korea’s Cho Song Hyun and Park Beom Soo will face Indonesia’s Muh Putra Erwiansyah and Patra Harapan Rindorindo, while China’s Xu Hua Yu and Zhu Yi Jun will take on Thailand’s Apiluk Gaterahong and Witchaya Jintamuttha in the other semifinal.

China also has a chance at the women’s doubles title, with Liu Sheng Shu and Wang Ting Ge competing against Japan’s Kokona Ishikawa and Riko Kiyose. In the top half of the draw, top seeds Meilysa Trias Puspita Sari and Rachel Allessya Rose of Indonesia will face No.15 seeds Rui Kiyama and Kanano Muroya.


1. Who is Sankar Muthusamy?

Sankar Muthusamy is a left-handed Indian badminton player who specializes in the defensive style of play. He is currently ranked as the junior world No.4 and is known for his ability to excel in long matches.

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2. Why did Alex Lanier lose in the quarterfinals?

Alex Lanier, the world No.1, faced pressure as the favorite in the quarterfinal match. He admitted to struggling with controlling the stress and playing his own game, which ultimately led to his defeat.

3. Which countries are dominant in doubles matchups?

China has displayed dominance in the mixed doubles category, securing all semifinal places. Additionally, China has strong representation in the men’s and women’s doubles events.


The BWF quarterfinals provided thrilling matchups and unexpected results. Sankar Muthusamy’s impressive performance showcased his skills and adaptability on the court. Alex Lanier’s defeat highlights the challenges of dealing with pressure in high-stakes matches. The upcoming semifinals promise exciting matches in both the singles and doubles categories. Stay tuned to witness the intense competition and outstanding badminton skills on display.

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