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In November of last year, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) collaborated with the Agitos Foundation and the Badminton Confederation of Africa to successfully implement a development project in Africa. Despite the ongoing challenges presented by COVID-19, strict safety protocols enabled over 60 Para athletes, coaches, administrators, and national classifiers from Uganda, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Zambia, Ethiopia, Algeria, and Niger to participate in the project.

Enhancing Para Badminton in Africa

The three-day training camp, led by BWF experts Kaity Hall and Guillaume Gailly, provided an opportunity for 37 athletes (20 male, 17 female) to improve their skills. The athletes were later internationally classified and competed in the Uganda Para Badminton International 2021, resulting in eight of them achieving medals. This not only boosts their confidence but also highlights the progress being made in the region.

Empowering Coaches and Administrators

The project also focused on empowering coaches and administrators. The coaches from each participating country, seven male, and seven female, attended the informative ‘BWF Coaching Athletes with a Disability’ workshop. They were then able to apply their newfound knowledge through coaching sessions with the athletes, ensuring a well-rounded development approach.

Additionally, an administration workshop was held, addressing the importance of establishing a cohesive national Para badminton pathway. This enables the administrators to create an effective framework for the sport in their respective countries. Furthermore, the administrators had the opportunity to attend a National Level 1 Classifier Workshop, expanding their knowledge and skills in the classification process.

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Boosting Infrastructure and Equipment

To support the growth of Para badminton in Africa, the BWF provided each participating country with a Para badminton wheelchair. This initiative aims to enhance accessibility and provide the necessary equipment for the development of the sport. By improving infrastructure and equipment, the BWF is paving the way for long-term growth and sustainability.

Participant Feedback

The impact of this development project was evident through the positive feedback received from the participants. Here are some testimonials that highlight the significance of the program:

  • “I have learned a lot, especially about player classification and wheelchair movement. I am eager to go home and implement these new skills.” – Amira Merouani, Algeria National Coach
  • “Para badminton is not just any other sport for us; it’s a tool to change lives.” – Ibrahimo Mussagy, Mozambique Administrator
  • “Agitos has made my dream come true, and I won’t let them down.” – Jonathan Ochan, Uganda SU5 Player
  • “I appreciate Agitos for their support in helping developing countries like ours, which often lack resources.” – Yapi Chia Carine, Ivory Coast SH6 Player


Q: Are there plans for similar projects in the future?

Yes, the BWF plans to deliver a similar development project this year in Barbados. This ongoing commitment to expanding Para badminton globally showcases the organization’s dedication to empowering athletes and growing the sport.


The successful collaboration between the BWF, Agitos Foundation, and Badminton Confederation of Africa in delivering the development project in Africa is a testament to the progress being made in Para badminton. By focusing on athlete development, coaching, administration, and infrastructure, the BWF aims to create a sustainable pathway for Para badminton in Africa. With plans for future projects, the BWF continues to drive inclusivity, empowerment, and growth within the sport.

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For more information on Para badminton and the work being done by the BWF, visit Carnegiecentre.