Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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Men’s Singles seed Hu Yun suffers an early exit in the Li-Ning Singapore Open, losing to Indian player Sai Praneeth. Praneeth, who recently defeated Taufik Hidayat, dominated the match against Hu Yun, winning 21-9 21-10 in just 30 minutes. Praneeth now moves on to face Chong Wei Feng from Malaysia.

Another Indian seed, Kashyap Parupalli, also fell short in a hard-fought match against Takuma Ueda from Japan. Parupalli lost 18-21 22-20 21-15 after a grueling 71-minute battle.

In Men’s Doubles, Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng, the World and Olympic champions from China, faced unexpected resistance from Indonesian qualifiers Andrei Adistia and Markus Fernaldi Gideon. However, Cai and Fu managed to secure victory with a score of 25-23 21-18.

On the Women’s Singles side, second seed Saina Nehwal from India avenged her previous loss to Gu Juan from Singapore in the Thailand Open quarter-finals. Nehwal won the match 21-14 23-21 after saving a game point.

Some notable highlights of the day include Gabby White from England winning both her matches, and Thai pair Songphon Anugritayawon and Kunchala Voravichitchaikul falling to Indian qualifiers Arun Vishnu and Aparna Balan in a thrilling three-game match. The longest match of the day was between Marc Zwiebler from Germany and Chen Yuekun from China, with Zwiebler ultimately emerging victorious after 74 minutes.

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Overall, it was an exciting day of badminton at the Li-Ning Singapore Open.


Q: Who defeated Hu Yun in the Li-Ning Singapore Open Men’s Singles?
A: Hu Yun was defeated by Indian player Sai Praneeth.

Q: Which Indian seed lost in the Li-Ning Singapore Open?
A: Kashyap Parupalli, the seventh seed from India, lost in a tough match against Takuma Ueda from Japan.

Q: Who are the Men’s Doubles champions from China?
A: Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng, the World and Olympic champions, won in the Men’s Doubles category.


In the Li-Ning Singapore Open, Men’s Singles seed Hu Yun and Indian seed Kashyap Parupalli faced early exits. Hu Yun was defeated by Sai Praneeth, while Parupalli lost to Takuma Ueda in a closely contested match. Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng, the Men’s Doubles champions, encountered some resistance but eventually secured victory. Saina Nehwal, the Women’s Singles second seed, avenged her previous loss to Gu Juan. The day also saw noteworthy performances from Gabby White of England and exciting matches throughout the tournament.