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Top seed Li Xuerui begins her journey at the Women’s Singles World Championship with a strong win over Kristina Gavnholt. Li opens up about her personal struggles after last year’s final loss. Despite holding the Olympic title for another two years, the defeat in front of her home crowd in Guangzhou, China, left a sting.

Overcoming Mental Challenges

Li expresses her sadness over the loss and admits that the World Championships have always been difficult for her. However, she has worked hard to overcome her mental challenges and arrives at the tournament with renewed confidence. Li’s performance in the first round showcases her determination as she overcomes a three-point deficit against her resilient opponent from the Czech Republic.

Li Xuerui

Areas for Improvement

Li’s game is characterized by dazzling stroke-play, remarkable net play, and unpredictable shots. However, her temporary lapse in the second game against a lower-ranked opponent highlights the need for consistent focus. Last year’s World Championship winner, Ratchanok Intanon, also faces some difficulties in her opening match against Beatriz Corrales but manages to secure a win.

Ratchanok Intanon

The Path Ahead

Li’s next match is against her compatriot Han Li, and a victory could potentially set up a quarter-final clash with Saina Nehwal, the Australian Open champion from India. Nehwal showcases her skills in a convincing win over Natalia Perminova from Russia, expressing confidence gained from her recent success in Sydney.

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A Promising Tournament

The Women’s Singles event sees the unexpected early exit of the first seed, Nichaon Jindapon. Lindaweni Fanetri from Indonesia claims a surprising victory over Jindapon. The Chinese contingent shows a strong presence in the tournament, with the possibility of four Chinese players reaching the last 16. In the Men’s Singles event, second-seeded Chen Long from China advances comfortably into the second round.

Exciting Matches in Other Categories

The Mixed Doubles category witnesses success for Xu Chen and Ma Jin, last year’s runners-up. They secure a win in their opening match against Mads Pieler Kolding and Kamilla Rytter Juhl from Denmark. Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Christinna Pedersen, representing China, also progress smoothly in their match against Jacco Arends and Selena Piek from the Netherlands.

Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Christinna Pedersen


1. Who won the Women’s Singles World Championship last year?
The winner of last year’s Women’s Singles World Championship was Ratchanok Intanon.

2. Which Chinese players are expected to reach the last 16 of the Women’s Singles event?
There is a possibility of four Chinese players reaching the last 16, although specific names were not mentioned in the article.

3. Who is the second-seeded player in the Men’s Singles category?
Chen Long from China is the second-seeded player in the Men’s Singles event.


The BWF World Championships kick off with some thrilling matches and surprising results. Li Xuerui’s triumph over Kristina Gavnholt marks the beginning of her redemption journey. As the tournament progresses, we eagerly anticipate the performances of the top players and the exciting matches that lie ahead.

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