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Shesar Hiren Rhustavito continues to shine against Lee Zii Jia, earning his second consecutive victory over the new world No.2 at the YONEX French Open 2022 first round. Rhustavito’s strong defense was the key to his success, as he returned most of Lee’s attacking shots, causing frustration for his opponent.

According to Rhustavito, his preparation and focus on defense were crucial in this match, considering the power of Lee’s smashes. He credited his solid defense for the 21-19 21-18 win. In their head-to-head, Rhustavito now leads with five victories out of nine matches.

In a post-match interview, Rhustavito expressed how his victory over Lee four months ago in front of his own fans boosted his confidence for this match. Despite being behind on multiple occasions, Rhustavito remained composed and unperturbed. He acknowledged Lee’s strong performance but emphasized his preparation and confidence going into the game.

Reflecting on his performance, Lee admitted that he struggled to find his rhythm and made several unforced errors. As the third seed and now world No.2, he acknowledged the need to address his weaknesses and improve certain aspects of his game to reach new heights.

It was a tough day for Malaysia as Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik, the fourth-seeded men’s doubles world champions, also suffered a defeat. They lost 21-13 21-14 to Wang Chang and Liang Wei Keng, marking their second loss against the emerging Chinese pair.

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Despite the setbacks, Chia and Soh will now return home for a well-deserved break.

News | BWF World Tour
Chia and Soh will now return home for a break.


1. Who won the YONEX French Open 2022 match between Shesar Hiren Rhustavito and Lee Zii Jia?
Shesar Hiren Rhustavito emerged victorious in the match against Lee Zii Jia, winning in straight games.

2. What was the key factor in Rhustavito’s win?
Rhustavito attributed his victory to his solid defense, which allowed him to return most of Lee’s attacking shots.

3. How many times have Rhustavito and Lee played against each other?
Rhustavito and Lee have faced each other nine times in total, with Rhustavito now leading with five wins.

4. How did Lee Zii Jia react to his defeat?
Lee acknowledged his unforced errors and the need to improve certain aspects of his game to reach higher levels.


Shesar Hiren Rhustavito’s impressive victory over Lee Zii Jia at the YONEX French Open 2022 showcases his strong defense and preparation. Despite a valiant effort from Lee, Rhustavito’s confidence and focus proved to be the deciding factors. This match serves as another chapter in their competitive head-to-head rivalry. Meanwhile, Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik, the fourth-seeded men’s doubles world champions, faced defeat against Wang Chang and Liang Wei Keng. These players will now take a break to regroup and come back stronger in future competitions.

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