Wednesday, 22 May 2024

The Olympic Dream: Christo Popov’s Journey to Paris 2024

A day after winning the prestigious German Open, Christo Popov stood in awe of the magnificent Adidas Arena, the venue for the badminton competition in the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The realization of a long-held dream, the venue represented a significant milestone in Popov’s journey towards Olympic qualification in both men’s singles and men’s doubles. As the Test Event for Paris 2024, the YONEX French Open 2024 brought him one step closer to his ultimate goal.

“I’m thrilled about the Olympics in Paris; it’s such a stunning venue,” said Popov. He and his brother have set this as a major goal, and with the Olympic race nearing its end, he eagerly anticipates the opportunity to compete at the hall. Reflecting on his recent victory, he shared, “Last week was challenging and full of tough matches. I fought hard mentally and emerged as the World Tour Super 300 champion. It’s an incredible feeling to bring home my first World Tour title.”

The Adidas Arena, with its seating capacity of 8,000, will host the badminton competition from July 27th to August 5th. Following its conclusion, rhythmic gymnastics will grace the venue from August 8th to 10th, followed by Para badminton and powerlifting during the Paralympic Games.

For Popov and other French players, this tournament holds special significance. “It’s a big tournament for us, being hosted in March for the first time,” said Popov. With qualification on the line, the pressure is on as they enter the final stretch of five tournaments. The year has been tough, with a packed schedule and high stakes.

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Though Popov’s journey is challenging, his draws for the tournament are no different. He will face the resurgent Shi Yu Qi in the men’s singles, while his brother Toma Junior starts his campaign against Loh Kean Yew. Top seed Viktor Axelsen, who has participated in only one tournament this season, will face Priyanshu Rajawat, while Anders Antonsen, having enjoyed a dream season with two titles, takes on Lee Chia Hao, who joined as a reserve player.

In the women’s singles, top seed An Se Young, who has been battling a right knee injury, showed her prowess in practice against Kim Ga Eun. Her first-round opponent will be Pornpawee Chochuwong, who has also faced recent injury troubles.


Q: What is the seating capacity of the Adidas Arena?
A: The Adidas Arena can accommodate 8,000 spectators.

Q: When will the Paris 2024 Olympic Games badminton competition take place at the Adidas Arena?
A: The badminton competition will be held from July 27th to August 5th.

Q: Who is Christo Popov’s first-round opponent in the YONEX French Open 2024?
A: Christo Popov will face the resurgent Shi Yu Qi in the first round.


The YONEX French Open 2024 is a significant milestone in Christo Popov’s journey towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. As he sets foot in the magnificent Adidas Arena, he is filled with anticipation and determination. With each match, he moves closer to realizing his dream of representing his country on the Olympic stage. Stay tuned to witness the thrilling badminton action and see who emerges as the ultimate champion.

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Fun fact: This is only Popov’s second French Open appearance in the men’s singles category, with his debut taking place last year.

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