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News | BWF World Tour Finals

The HSBC BWF World Tour Finals 2018 was filled with unforgettable moments for the eight qualifiers in each category. From exciting pre-tournament activities like dimsum making to the glamorous gala dinner, and of course, the tournament itself with its generous prize money, the HSBC BWF World Tour Finals captured the hearts of all the participants. The first-time qualifiers, in particular, were incredibly impressed by the whole experience.

England’s Lauren Smith summed up the feelings of all the players when she expressed how special the gala had made them feel. Dressing up and attending a formal event was a refreshing change from the usual sweaty badminton gear. It was an evening that made the tournament stand out from others. The World Tour Finals holds a prestigious rank in the badminton world, and the gala served as a reminder that their hard work throughout the year was being recognized and rewarded.

For many players, qualifying for the season finale was a significant achievement. Thailand’s Sapsiree Taerattanachai, for example, had set her sights on Guangzhou all year after missing out in the previous edition. The World Tour Finals was one of the biggest events of the year, and she constantly kept it in mind. Being part of the gala was an exhilarating experience for her.

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Canada’s Michelle Li had also hoped to qualify for previous editions, and finally accomplishing it this time brought her great satisfaction. She appreciated the opportunity to dress up for the gala, as it was a rare sight to see players in such formal attire. Overall, she had a positive experience and gained valuable insights for her future progress.

For the first-timers, qualifying for the World Tour Finals meant that they now belonged at the top level of the sport. Malaysia’s Shevon Jemie Lai, who partnered with Goh Soon Huat, acknowledged the significance of their achievement in only their second year of partnership. It was a great opportunity to test themselves against the top pairs and gauge their own abilities. Attending the gala was a grand experience for them.

Stefani Stoeva expressed her delight in finally making it to the tournament after four years of hard work. England’s Marcus Ellis, who has been performing exceptionally well with his partner Lauren Smith, emphasized the confidence boost that qualifying provided them. Playing against high-ranked pairs and witnessing their own improvements was vital for their progress.

A few days before the tournament began, some of the top players had the chance to make dimsum at their hotel. Marcus Fernaldi Gideon, Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo, Shi Yuqi, Zheng Siwei, Huang Yaqiong, and Pusarla V Sindhu were treated to a hands-on dimsum making session with the hotel’s chef. It was a fun and interactive experience, allowing players to bond and enjoy each other’s company away from the pressures of the court.

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The BWF World Tour Finals stands out as a memorable event because of these unique experiences. It provides players with the opportunity to engage with their peers in a relaxed setting and enjoy some lighthearted moments together.

News | BWF World Tour Finals


  • Q: How prestigious is the World Tour Finals compared to other tournaments?

    • A: The World Tour Finals holds a special rank in the badminton world and is considered a highly prestigious event.
  • Q: What kind of experience did the players have at the gala?

    • A: The gala made all the players feel special and gave them a chance to dress up and enjoy an evening different from other tournaments.
  • Q: How did qualifying for the World Tour Finals impact the first-time qualifiers?

    • A: It signified that they now belonged at the top level of the sport and provided them with an opportunity to measure themselves against the best players.


The HSBC BWF World Tour Finals 2018 was a memorable event filled with exciting moments both on and off the court. The gala, in particular, stood out as a special occasion where players felt recognized and rewarded for their hard work. Qualifying for the tournament was a significant achievement for all the players, and it gave them a chance to compete at the highest level. The unique experiences and interactions during the event made it a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved.