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Badminton Pan America

The XIX Pan Am Games Santiago 2023 witnessed remarkable performances from Canadian and American players, who secured gold medals in badminton. It was an incredible showcase of skill and determination. If you’re curious about the results, take a look at the full results [here](insert link to results). You can also find captivating pictures on our dedicated [Facebook page](insert link to Facebook page). But that’s not all – let’s delve into the thrilling finals day at Santiago 2023 and celebrate the outstanding athletes who made it to the podium.

Women’s Doubles: Josephine Wu and Catherine Choi Claim Victory

The Women’s Doubles match kick-started the finals day with an exhilarating showdown. Josephine Wu and Catherine Choi from Canada emerged victorious after a fierce battle against Annie & Kerry Xu. The intense 3-games-match (21-18, 10-21, 21-17) showcased the tenacity and skill of both teams. Let’s not forget to acknowledge the exceptional performances of Juliana Viana Vieira/Sania Lima (BRA) and Miriam Rodriguez/Romina Fregoso (MEX), who claimed their spots on the Women’s Doubles podium.

Women's Doubles Podium - Santiago 2023
Photo by Nicolas Abalo/Santiago 2023 via Photosport

Men’s Doubles: Nyl Yakura and Adam Dong Reign Supreme

In the Men’s Doubles category, defending champions Nyl Yakura and Adam Dong from Canada showcased their exceptional skills yet again. Their hard-fought match against Brazilians Fabricio Farias and Davi Silva displayed their determination and resilience. After losing the first game (19-21), the Canadian duo made an incredible comeback, winning the next two games (21-15, 21-18) and securing the top spot on the podium. Anibal Marroquin/Jonathan Solis from Guatemala and Job Castillo/Luis Montoya from Mexico claimed the well-deserved bronze medals.

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Women’s Singles: Beiwen Zhang Shines in Her Debut

In her first participation at the Pan Am Games, Beiwen Zhang made a remarkable impact by clinching the Women’s Singles crown. She displayed her exceptional skills and defeated Jennie Gai in straight games, earning herself the gold medal. Rachel Chan from Canada and Taymara Oropesa from Cuba proudly claimed the bronze medals.

Men’s Singles: Brian Yang Takes the Title

Brian Yang’s exceptional performance in the Men’s Singles category left everyone in awe. He conquered the 2-time Pan Am Games champion, Kevin Cordon, and surpassed his previous runner-up result at Lima 2019. This victory marks a significant milestone in Brian Yang’s career. Ramon Garrido and Uriel from Mexico claimed the bronze medals, making history for their country.

Mixed Doubles: Josephine Wu and Ty Lindeman Secure Victory

Josephine Wu, who had previously claimed gold in the Mixed Doubles category, continued her winning streak. Alongside Ty Lindeman, she engaged in an intense 3-games-match against Vinson Chiu and Jennie Gai, with moments of excitement and closely contested points. Ultimately, Wu and Lindeman emerged victorious with a score of 17-21, 21-17, 21-19. The 3/4 places and the bronze medals were secured by Jose Guevara/Ines Castillo from Peru and Davi Silva/Sania Lima.


Congratulations to all the medalists and participants in this edition of the Pan Am Games. The performances were nothing short of extraordinary, leaving a lasting impression on the history of badminton. If you’re passionate about the sport, make sure to follow our website for more updates and stay connected with the incredible world of badminton.

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