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Badminton Pan America

Exciting matches are underway at the first day of the Pan Am Games 2023 in Santiago, Chile. Athletes from across the Pan American region have gathered at the Olympic Training Center to showcase their skills in the sport of badminton. As the competition kicks off, let’s take a closer look at some highlights from the opening day.

Longest Match for Canjura Victory

One of the standout matches of the day was between Uriel Canjura from El Salvador and Job Castillo from Mexico. These two players engaged in an intense battle that lasted for 1 hour and 16 minutes, showcasing their exceptional talent and determination. The match went to three games and required 25 shuttles due to the high intensity of play.

Canjura, who entered the competition as the seeded 3/4 player, displayed consistency and won the first game with a score of 21-19. However, Castillo fought back in the second game, winning it 21-17. In the end, it was Canjura who maintained his composure and secured the victory in the third game with a score of 21-10.

Reflecting on the match, Canjura acknowledged the challenge posed by Castillo and praised his opponent’s abilities. Despite the competition on the court, the two players share a friendship and mutual respect for each other’s sports careers.

Other Notable Performances

In addition to the Canjura-Castillo match, other top badminton players also showcased their skills on the opening day of the Pan Am Games. Olympians Kevin Cordon, Ygor Coelho, and Howard Shu all started their campaigns with victories, setting the stage for an exciting competition.

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On the women’s side, the Round of 32 featured outstanding performances from Olympians Beiwen Zhang, Nikte Sotomayor, and Haramara Gaitan. Furthermore, seeded players Wen Yu Zhang from Canada and Rachel Chan and Juliana Viana Vieira, both from Brazil, secured wins in their matches as they continue their quest for the podium.

Mixed Doubles Action

The Mixed Doubles category also provided some thrilling matches. Henry Huebla and Maria Delia Zambrano from Ecuador displayed remarkable skills as they defeated Manuel Mejia and Gabriela Barrios from El Salvador with a score of 21-10, 21-14. Alonso Medel and Vania Diaz, representing the host country, Chile, also secured a victory in straight games against Frank Barrios and Maria Rojas from Venezuela.

What’s Next?

The badminton competition at the Santiago 2023 Pan Am Games will continue on Sunday, with the Round of 16 in every event. As the athletes gear up for their upcoming matches, we wish them the best of luck in their pursuit of victory.


Q: When is the badminton competition taking place at the Pan Am Games 2023?
A: The badminton competition started on Saturday, July 21, and will culminate in the Finals on Wednesday, July 25.

Q: Who won the longest match on the first day of the Pan Am Games?
A: Uriel Canjura from El Salvador emerged victorious in the longest match of the day, competing against Job Castillo from Mexico.

Q: Which Olympians had successful starts in the Pan Am Games badminton competition?
A: Olympians Kevin Cordon, Ygor Coelho, and Howard Shu all began their campaigns with wins in the Pan Am Games.

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The Pan Am Games 2023 badminton competition in Santiago, Chile, got off to an exciting start, with athletes from across the Pan American region showcasing their skills. Uriel Canjura emerged victorious in a thrilling match against Job Castillo, displaying exceptional talent and consistency. Other top players, including Olympians Kevin Cordon, Ygor Coelho, and Howard Shu, also achieved success on the opening day. As the competition progresses, the athletes are set to face new challenges in their quest for victory. Stay tuned for more updates from the Pan Am Games badminton tournament and join us in cheering on these talented athletes.