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Each sporting event requires the expertise of professionals in various areas such as finance, logistics, and marketing. Angela Scherer is one of these dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to benefit the sport of badminton and support its development in Brazil.

As the Financial Administrative Manager of the Brazilian Badminton Confederation (CBBd), Angela’s journey in badminton began in 2013. She was introduced to the sport by Professor Eliseu during a championship held at the hotel where she worked. Fascinated by the sport, Angela gradually learned more about badminton from Professor Eliseu.

Working in a public institution comes with its challenges, particularly in terms of managing finances. Sometimes, limited budgets may hinder projects. However, Angela recognizes that although working in Brazilian sports can be demanding, it is also highly rewarding.

Managing a company with constrained resources can be complex, but Angela embraces the daily challenges of growing Brazilian sports. She finds fulfillment in contributing to the development and success of the sport, stating, “It’s very rewarding and challenging to be able to work on it.”

In every field, complications arise, professionally, personally, and socially. Sports, including badminton, are no exception. When Angela first entered the sports industry, she faced the challenges of working in a predominantly male environment. However, she has gained the respect of her peers through her dedication and competence. Angela believes that women often have to work harder to prove themselves and focuses on demonstrating her capabilities rather than her gender.

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Recognized for her contributions, Angela finds joy in overcoming new challenges and growing alongside Brazilian badminton. Her work allows her to witness the determination and resilience of aspiring athletes who, despite limited resources or support, continue to strive for their dreams. Inspired by their perseverance, Angela also strives for personal growth and achievement.



Q: What is Angela Scherer’s role in the Brazilian Badminton Confederation (CBBd)?
A: Angela Scherer serves as the Financial Administrative Manager of the Brazilian Badminton Confederation. She plays a crucial role in managing the organization’s finances.

Q: How did Angela become involved in badminton?
A: Angela’s journey in badminton began when she met Professor Eliseu during a championship held at the hotel where she worked. Intrigued by the sport, she gradually developed a passion for badminton.

Q: What challenges does Angela face in managing finances for Brazilian sports?
A: Working with limited budgets is a significant challenge for Angela. Managing a company where resources are restricted and specific destinations must be accounted for can be complicated. However, Angela embraces these challenges as part of her daily work.

Q: How does Angela navigate the predominantly male environment in sports?
A: Angela acknowledges that working in a male-dominated industry can be challenging for women. She believes in proving her competence through hard work and dedication, focusing on her abilities rather than her gender.

Q: What does Angela find fulfilling about her work in badminton?
A: Angela finds fulfillment in contributing to the growth and development of Brazilian badminton. Witnessing the determination of aspiring athletes who overcome obstacles to achieve their goals inspires her to strive for her own success.

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Angela Scherer, the Financial Administrative Manager of the Brazilian Badminton Confederation (CBBd), has been dedicated to the development of badminton in Brazil since 2013. Introduced to the sport by Professor Eliseu, Angela gradually became involved and witnessed the challenges and rewards of working in Brazilian sports.

Managing finances within a public institution presents its own set of challenges, particularly with limited budgets. However, Angela embraces these challenges, seeing them as opportunities for growth. She navigates the predominantly male environment with determination and competence, focusing on her contributions rather than her gender.

Angela finds fulfillment in witnessing the passion and resilience of aspiring athletes who persevere despite obstacles. Their determination inspires her to continue striving for personal and professional success in the world of badminton.

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