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China’s hopes were dashed in the Thaihot China Open singles event, as both Chen Long and Wang Shixian suffered defeats. However, the crowd cheered as Lin Dan managed to overcome a tough challenge from Denmark’s Jan O Jorgensen. Let’s take a closer look at the matches and the players involved.

Chen Long’s Narrow Loss

In the Men’s Singles event, Chen Long, the top seed, seemed to be cruising towards victory with a comfortable lead. But Germany’s Marc Zwiebler staged an impressive comeback, ultimately causing Chen Long to succumb under the pressure. Zwiebler admitted that the home crowd’s expectations may have affected Chen’s performance.

Wang Shixian’s Unexpected Defeat

Wang Shixian, a formidable force in women’s singles this year, faced a surprising loss against Japan’s Akane Yamaguchi. The young Japanese player controlled the game from the beginning, leaving Wang unable to regain her momentum. This defeat marks Wang’s worst performance of the year.

Lin Dan Triumphs

Jan O Jorgensen’s winning streak against Lin Dan came to an end as the Olympic champion displayed his skills in front of his home crowd. Jorgensen had his chances to secure victory, but Lin Dan’s resilience and tactical prowess turned the tide in his favor, leading him to claim the victory.

Despite these setbacks, China still has a strong presence in the upcoming matches, with multiple players advancing to the quarter-finals. The tournament continues to showcase exciting matches and displays of skill from players around the world.

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Q: What were the results of the Chen Long vs. Marc Zwiebler match?

A: Marc Zwiebler defeated Chen Long in a thrilling match.

Q: How did Wang Shixian perform in the Women’s Singles event?

A: Wang Shixian suffered a surprising loss against Akane Yamaguchi.

Q: Did Jan O Jorgensen defeat Lin Dan?

A: No, Lin Dan emerged victorious in their intense battle.


In the Thaihot China Open, China faced setbacks with Chen Long and Wang Shixian’s defeats in the singles event. However, Lin Dan managed to secure a victory against Jan O Jorgensen, ending his winning streak. The tournament continues to showcase impressive performances from players around the world. Stay tuned for more exciting matches and displays of skill. Visit for more information and updates on the badminton world.