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Badminton Pan America

Maria Delia Zambrano, a talented badminton player from Ecuador, has undergone intensive training in preparation for upcoming competitions. Her training journey began in September at the Center of Excellence in Denmark, where she had the opportunity to train and play with a diverse group of skilled players. This experience has been invaluable for Maria Delia, as she usually trains against men or children in Ecuador, which doesn’t always provide an accurate measure of her performance.

In Denmark, Maria Delia had the chance to play alongside high-level players like Beiwen Zhang and other European stars, which has elevated her game to new heights. Playing against different styles of play has helped her adapt and improve her own gameplay. The challenging training sessions have also allowed her to maintain a higher pace in preparation for future competitions.

Following her training in Denmark, Maria Delia participated in the South American Games in Paraguay before joining the Pan Am Badminton training camp in Lima, Peru. These back-to-back tournaments have required her to be away from her family for an extended period, which can be challenging. However, Maria Delia remains dedicated to her craft and is determined to continue improving.

During her training period, Maria Delia has prioritized the technical aspects of her game. She has received valuable feedback from her coaches and is eager to apply their advice in upcoming tournaments. While technical training may not always be her focus, she recognizes the importance of utilizing these skills to excel in her sport.

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When asked about her experience at the Center of Excellence in Denmark and its potential application in the region, Maria Delia emphasized the significance of focusing on the technical and tactical aspects of the game. She believes that enhancing these areas in addition to the more common physical training methods would greatly benefit the region’s players and raise the overall level of play.

Looking ahead, Maria Delia is gearing up to participate in the Peru International Series 2022 and other international events. Her goals include earning points in the world ranking, refining her game, and securing a spot for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Maria Delia Zambrano

Maria Delia Zambrano


  1. Is Maria Delia Zambrano the only badminton player from Ecuador?
    No, Maria Delia Zambrano is one of the talented badminton players from Ecuador. While she stands out for her achievements and dedication, there are other players in the country’s badminton scene.

  2. What is the significance of the Center of Excellence in Denmark?
    The Center of Excellence in Denmark is a prestigious training facility where elite badminton players from around the world gather to enhance their skills. It provides a unique opportunity for players like Maria Delia to train and compete with top-level athletes.

  3. How important are international events for badminton players?
    International events play a crucial role in a badminton player’s career. They offer the chance to earn points in the world ranking, gain exposure, and qualify for prestigious tournaments like the Olympics.


Maria Delia Zambrano’s training journey has taken her from Denmark to South America, as she tirelessly pursues her passion for badminton. Her dedication to improving her skills, coupled with the invaluable experiences gained from training with elite players, positions her as a promising talent in the sport. As Maria Delia continues to compete in international events, her determination and commitment will undoubtedly drive her towards achieving her goals and representing her country at the highest level.

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