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Celebrating Pilar Carrillo’s Contribution to Badminton Pan Am Confederation

Pilar Carrillo

In honor of Pan Am Women’s Month, we want to recognize and celebrate Pilar Carrillo, the former Chief Operating Officer of Badminton Pan Am Confederation. Pilar’s retirement at the end of 2019 marked the end of her remarkable career, filled with effort, sacrifice, and love for the sport of badminton.

Pilar’s Journey in Badminton

Since 2003, Pilar has been involved in the organization of the Pan Am Games, Pan American Adult and Junior Championships, the first Para Badminton tournaments in the region, and the World Junior Championships in Madrid and Lima. Her contributions have been vital in the success of these events and have allowed her to connect with countless individuals who have enriched her professional journey.

Reflecting on her career, Pilar shared, “I believe my time in badminton has been overwhelmingly positive. It has given me the opportunity to serve, learn, and experience the satisfaction of accomplishing my tasks. The highlight has been the people I have met along the way, which has truly been the most rewarding aspect of my journey.”

Continued Growth and Collaboration

Pilar Carrillo
Pilar Carrillo

Under Pilar’s guidance, the Badminton Pan American Confederation has flourished. Currently, there are 37 affiliated associations, with only 5 being inactive. Pilar has provided invaluable advice and support to each association, especially Haiti and the French-speaking islands, empowering them to grow and thrive. Through years of hard work and collaboration, the confederation has made significant progress in various areas, thanks to a solid office structure and a highly competent professional team.

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Pilar acknowledges, “Our growth is the result of a shared vision and mission. I must recognize the support of the Boards of Directors who have led the Confederation over the years. Our tournaments have also grown, but we need to improve how we present ourselves. We face common limitations, but with creativity and determination, we can overcome any obstacles.”

The Bonds Created Through Badminton

Through her years of service to the Badminton Associations, Pilar discovered that the true value of badminton lies in the relationships formed. The friendships and connections she made have been the most rewarding aspect of her journey. Pilar explains, “The best thing badminton has given me is the opportunity to meet incredible friends and colleagues. Their advice and examples have enriched my life and helped me grow in different aspects.”

Balancing Family and Passion

While Pilar’s dedication to badminton has been unwavering, she admits that balancing work and family has been challenging. As a mother of two sons, one daughter, and a grandmother of two beautiful children, Pilar acknowledges the difficulties of finding a work-life balance. She says, “Sharing badminton with my family has been challenging, as work problems often spill into our home life. However, the satisfaction I feel when witnessing my children’s success and growth is immeasurable. As a grandmother, I encourage my grandchildren to participate in physical activities that instill the same values as badminton.”

Challenges and Triumphs

Pilar Carrillo

Throughout her years with the Confederation, Pilar faced many difficult moments. From taking over the control desk during the Pan American Games in Rio 2007 with minimal familiarity of the program, to the challenges of relocating an international tournament venue overnight in Argentina due to flooding, Pilar handled each situation with resilience and determination.

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Promoting Women’s Involvement

One aspect Pilar wished was different during her career was the representation of women in leadership positions within the sport. She believes that increasing the number of women involved in different activities and holding positions of influence is crucial for the continued growth and success of badminton.

Words of Encouragement

With her wealth of experience, Pilar is an authoritative voice in offering advice to those who wish to get involved in badminton but may face obstacles. She encourages aspiring individuals, saying, “Like in any aspect of life, there will always be challenges. However, maintaining a positive and creative mindset is key to overcoming them. Persistence, faith, enthusiasm, and preparedness for opportunities are essential. Badminton is opening doors in various professional and technical fields, and it is our responsibility to inspire and nurture a strong community.”


  • Q: What positions did Pilar Carrillo hold within the Badminton Pan Am Confederation?

    • A: Pilar Carrillo served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Badminton Pan Am Confederation.
  • Q: How many affiliated associations are there in the Badminton Pan American Confederation?

    • A: The Badminton Pan American Confederation currently has 37 affiliated associations.
  • Q: What impact did Pilar Carrillo have on the growth of the Badminton Pan American Confederation?

    • A: Pilar Carrillo played a crucial role in the growth of the Badminton Pan American Confederation, providing guidance and support to various associations and contributing to the joint efforts that resulted in progress and success.
  • Q: What advice does Pilar Carrillo have for those interested in getting involved in badminton?

    • A: Pilar Carrillo encourages individuals to remain positive, creative, and persistent in the face of obstacles. She emphasizes the importance of being prepared for opportunities and spreading enthusiasm to foster a strong and supportive badminton community.
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Pilar Carrillo’s retirement marks the end of a remarkable career dedicated to the growth and success of badminton in the Pan American region. Her invaluable contributions and unwavering passion have left a lasting impact on the sport and those fortunate enough to have worked with her. Through her leadership, collaboration, and mentorship, Pilar has inspired countless individuals, leaving behind a legacy that will shape the future of badminton. As we celebrate Pan Am Women’s Month, let us commemorate the extraordinary achievements of Pilar Carrillo and continue to strive for inclusivity, growth, and excellence within the world of badminton.

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