Thursday, 20 Jun 2024

Badminton Pan America

The Dominican Badminton Federation, in collaboration with the Foundation “A Look of Love” (Una Mirada de Amor), has launched a pilot program aimed at adding value to the national sport. This initiative is being conducted in conjunction with the celebration of the first 17 provincial tournaments of the year, sponsored by the Ministry of Sports and the Japanese Cooperation Agency (JICA). The program, coordinated by Linabel Cordones, Executive Director of “UMA,” and with the endorsement of the Dominican Olympic Committee, focuses on the integral development of athletes.

The pilot program began in Azua de Compostela, with the participation of 102 athletes and their families. Through various group dynamics, the program provided support for their spiritual, psychological, and emotional growth. Following the introduction of the program, athletes started their qualifying tournament for the Regional Championship in the South, where they will have the opportunity to compete against athletes from Ocoa, Baní, and San Cristóbal.

“We are not only bringing sport to our communities, but also sowing a legacy to shape the leaders of our present and future,” said Generoso Castillo, President of FEDOBAD. The program involves the collaboration of various individuals, including teachers, volunteers from JICA, a Cuban coach assigned by MIDEREC, and representatives from the Azua Badminton Association.

The program “A Look of Love through Badminton in DR” is being implemented in all 17 regions of the country. Its main objective is to promote the development of Dominican children by strengthening family relationships and using badminton as a means to foster personal growth and universal values such as leadership, teamwork, discipline, and self-esteem. The program also aims to break the cycle of poverty, promote gratitude, respect, and stimulate participation in sports, education, culture, and art.

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This program represents a significant step in bringing development and positive change to communities with limited resources. It is an opportunity to create harmony, beauty, and joy in the lives of individuals and their communities.