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Defending champion Lin Dan is noticeably absent from the Men’s Singles lineup in the CR Land BWF World Superseries Finals, set to commence in Shenzhen on December 12th.

Lin Dan, the renowned Chinese World and Olympic champion, has participated in only three Superseries events this year, and his current World Superseries ranking is a modest No. 29.

The stage is set for a showdown between the top two players in Men’s Singles: No. 1 Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia and No. 2 Chen Long from China. These two players have faced each other 12 times in their careers, with Lee holding a slight advantage with a 7-5 record. Lee has had an exceptional season, reaching the final in all nine tournaments he has entered and winning five. It will be intriguing to see if he can continue his streak and make it to the final once again.

Lee Chong Wei shared, “It has been a hectic year for me, especially with my wedding and all. Despite having only two days of solid training after my marriage, I managed to make it to the final of the Hong Kong Open. Physically, I can still push myself, but mentally, I am feeling drained. Nevertheless, I will give my all in the World Superseries Finals and strive to maintain my clean record.”

However, the Men’s Singles event will not solely revolve around Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long. Du Pengyu from China, who has reached three finals this year but failed to secure a title at the Asian Championships, Indonesia Open, and Denmark Open, will bring his tenacity into play. Pengyu can pose a significant challenge to even the best players when he finds his rhythm, as illustrated in his thrilling performance in the Denmark Open final, where he narrowly lost to Lee.

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Another player to watch out for is Daren Liew, who surprised everyone by winning the French Open Superseries. A strong showing in Shenzhen will establish Liew’s credibility and prove that his Superseries victory was not a fluke.

Kenichi Tago’s season took a turn for the worse after a promising start. Despite reaching the final of the Malaysia Open and the semi-finals of the All England, Tago suffered early-round exits in five consecutive tournaments. However, he showed signs of regaining his confidence with a semi-final appearance in the French Open. Tago admitted that there is still a gap between him and the top players, and it remains to be seen if he can bridge that divide in Shenzhen.

The remaining three players in the draw have had inconsistent performances throughout the year. Hong Kong’s Hu Yun had a strong run in the middle of 2012, reaching the semi-finals of the Indonesia Open and Japan Open, as well as the final of the China Masters. However, he struggled in the latter half of the year, facing early exits in several tournaments. Boonsak Ponsana from Thailand also faced difficulties, but managed to salvage his year with a victory at the Singapore Open Superseries and a runner-up finish in Japan.

The fortunate qualifier in the Men’s Singles category is Denmark’s Hans-Kristian Vittinghus, who benefited from Japan’s Sho Sasaki’s withdrawal. Vittinghus, currently ranked 24th in the world, had a relatively average year, with his best performances being quarter-final losses to Lin Dan and Chen Long at the German Open and Swiss Open, respectively. Nevertheless, Vittinghus is confident in his ability to deliver some surprises at the Superseries Finals.

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Q: Who is missing from the Men’s Singles lineup in the BWF World Superseries Finals?

A: Defending champion Lin Dan is absent from the competition.

Q: Who are the top two players in Men’s Singles?

A: The top two players are Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia and Chen Long from China.

Q: How many times have Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long faced each other?

A: They have played against each other 12 times.

Q: What is Lee Chong Wei’s record against Chen Long?

A: Lee Chong Wei holds a 7-5 record against Chen Long.

Q: Who has had an outstanding season so far?

A: Lee Chong Wei has reached the final in all nine tournaments he has participated in.


The BWF World Superseries Finals in Shenzhen will witness an intense battle in the Men’s Singles category. With the absence of defending champion Lin Dan, the spotlight is on the top two players, Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long. Lee has had an exceptional season, while Chen is a formidable opponent. Du Pengyu, Daren Liew, Kenichi Tago, Hu Yun, Boonsak Ponsana, and Hans-Kristian Vittinghus will also be vying for the title. Despite the absence of certain key players, this competition promises thrilling matches and unexpected surprises. Stay tuned for the exciting action in Shenzhen!

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