Friday, 17 May 2024

Lakshya Sen Returns to the BWF World Tour with High Hopes

Denmark holds a special place in Lakshya Sen’s heart. The promising Indian badminton player spent three months training in Aarhus under the guidance of renowned coach Morten Frost. During his time in Europe, Sen achieved remarkable success, winning four out of five European events he participated in. Now, after an eight-month break from competitive play due to the pandemic, Sen eagerly anticipates his return to the World Tour at the DANISA Denmark Open 2020.

Reflecting on his training journey at the Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy in Bangalore, Sen shares his excitement and nerves about playing in a tournament after such a long hiatus. The training started off slowly due to restrictions, but gradually intensified over time. Sen dedicated himself to various aspects of his game, including track work, gym training, and honing his strength.

Sen attributes much of his development to his time with coach Morten Frost, who emphasized the importance of patience and maintaining a positive body language on the court. The young athlete’s talent has always attracted attention, and his recent successes align with the high expectations placed upon him. Last year, Sen had a profitable season, particularly in the last quarter, where he secured five tournament victories.

Notable achievements include an impressive performance at the All England in March earlier this year. Sen defeated Hong Kong Open champion Lee Cheuk Yiu before challenging eventual champion Viktor Axelsen in a closely fought match. The experience has boosted Sen’s confidence and reaffirmed his belief in his abilities.

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Looking ahead, Sen recognizes the importance of maintaining his fitness levels and gaining valuable match experience. This period offers him the opportunity to put his extensive training to the test and further develop his skills.


Q: Where did Lakshya Sen train during his three-month stint in Europe?

A: Lakshya Sen trained in Aarhus, Denmark, under the guidance of coach Morten Frost.

Q: How did Sen perform at the All England tournament?

A: Sen delivered a commendable performance at the All England tournament, defeating Lee Cheuk Yiu and challenging Viktor Axelsen in a highly competitive match.

Lakshya Sen, a rising star in Indian badminton, is set to make his comeback on the BWF World Tour at the DANISA Denmark Open 2020. After training in Aarhus, Denmark, with renowned coach Morten Frost, Sen achieved significant success in European events. The pandemic-induced hiatus provided Sen with an opportunity to fine-tune his skills and focus on various aspects of his game. His impressive performance at the All England tournament earlier this year has instilled confidence in Sen. As he returns to the competitive stage, Sen aims to maintain his fitness levels and gain valuable match experience. Fans eagerly await his return to the court, eager to witness the continued growth and success of this talented badminton player.