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Scotland Shocks Germany in the 2015 European Mixed Team Championships

Scotland has pulled off a stunning upset in the 2015 European Mixed Team Championships, topping Group 3 ahead of Germany. In a day filled with surprises, France and Denmark also faced tough challenges from their opponents.

Unusual Results Shake Up the Tournament

Scotland’s victory over Germany was a remarkable feat, especially considering the absence of Men’s Singles star Marc Zwiebler. Kirsty Gilmour paved the way for Scotland’s triumph with a dominant performance in the Women’s Singles, defeating Karin Schnaase with a score of 21-15, 21-15.

The Men’s Singles match between Kieran Merrilees of Scotland and Dieter Domke was a rollercoaster ride. Merrilees seemed to have the match in the bag with a 17-12 lead in the third set, but Domke launched an impressive comeback, taking eight consecutive points and holding three match points. However, Merrilees refused to give in and turned the tables for a thrilling victory with a final score of 23-21, 13-21, 22-20.

Gilmour returned to the court alongside Imogen Bankier for the Women’s Doubles match against Carla Nelte and Johanna Goliszewski. Despite facing some challenges in the second game, the Germans managed to secure a win with a final score of 21-17, 22-20.

Josche Zurwonne and Max Schwenger from Germany dominated Martin Campbell and Paul Van Rietvelde in the Men’s Doubles, with a final score of 21-5, 21-17. At this point, Germany appeared to be the favorites to win the overall tie. However, the Scottish duo of Michael Fuchs and Birgit Michels had other plans. Taking on Robert Blair and Imogen Bankier, they managed to secure an early lead in the third set and maintained it throughout, sealing the tie with a score of 12-21, 21-12, 21-18.

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In Group 4, France showcased a brilliant performance against Russia, earning a comfortable victory. The French team won the first three matches, courtesy of Ronan Labar and Emilie Lefel in the Mixed Doubles, Brice Leverdez in the Men’s Singles, and Sashina Vignes Waran in the Women’s Singles. Russia managed to salvage some pride by winning the Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles matches.

Denmark, considered one of the title contenders, faced a tough challenge from the Netherlands. With Jan O Jorgensen and Line Kjaersfeldt securing victories in the Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles matches respectively, Denmark seemed on track for an easy win. However, the Dutch duo of Jacco Arends and Jelle Maas delivered an exceptional performance in the Men’s Doubles, overpowering Anders Skaarup Rasmussen and Kim Astrup Sorensen with a score of 21-15, 21-15. Selena Piek and Eefje Muskens continued the Dutch resurgence with a convincing win in the Women’s Doubles.

Fortunately for Denmark, the reliable Mixed Doubles pair of Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Christinna Pedersen prevented any further setbacks, defeating Jorrit De Ruiter and Samantha Barning with a score of 21-10, 21-14.

England had a flawless day, winning convincingly against Ireland and Belgium in Group 2, both with identical 5-0 margins. Denmark also had a comfortable victory over Poland, securing a 5-0 win.

The quarter-final draw for the tournament includes Russia vs Scotland, Netherlands vs England, Denmark vs Ireland, and France vs Germany.


  1. What were the results of the Scotland vs Germany match?

    • Scotland emerged victorious, with Kirsty Gilmour winning the Women’s Singles and Kieran Merrilees securing an impressive victory in the Men’s Singles.
  2. How did France perform in the tournament?

    • France had a dominant performance, winning the first three matches against Russia in Group 4.
  3. Who were the standout players in the Denmark vs Netherlands match?

    • Jan O Jorgensen and Line Kjaersfeldt secured wins in the Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles matches for Denmark. Jacco Arends and Jelle Maas delivered a brilliant performance in the Men’s Doubles for the Netherlands.
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The 2015 European Mixed Team Championships witnessed thrilling matches and surprising outcomes. Scotland’s victory over Germany, France’s dominant performance against Russia, and Denmark’s narrow win against the Netherlands were some of the highlights. With the remaining teams gearing up for the quarter-finals, the competition is sure to intensify. Stay tuned for more exciting badminton action.

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