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Estonia’s Raul Must Surprises with Semifinals Leap at European Games

Raul Must

Estonian badminton player Raul Must has exceeded expectations at the European Games, securing a spot in the semifinals. Must, taking advantage of a more open draw after Viktor Axelsen’s withdrawal, emerged victorious in yesterday’s quarterfinal match against Sweden’s Felix Burestedt. This notable feat not only propels Must to the semis but also marks Estonia’s first medal at a senior level multi-sport competition.

Must shares his elation as the first-ever player from Estonia to win a European Games badminton medal, stating, “It is a good feeling; it’s amazing. It has been a struggle. I honestly did not see it coming.” Reflecting on his initial expectations, Must admits, “When I saw the draw, I thought I had a chance to get through the group, but to get a medal is a dream come true.”

Raul Must - European Games

Must was so confident in his plans to return home that he had already booked a flight for Friday. However, his unexpected success necessitates a change in travel arrangements, which Must happily accepts: “But it is okay because it has been going so well. I am so happy; it is a good thing to change the ticket.”

In the upcoming semifinals, Must will face France’s Brice Leverdez, while Denmark’s Anders Antonsen goes up against Misha Zilberman. Zilberman, another surprising contender, expresses his joy after defeating third seed Mark Caljouw, stating, “I have no words. I never ever expected anything like this. It is a dream.”

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Misha Zilberman

Zilberman reveals his aspirations, saying, “My best result has been the last 16 of the European Championships, but I was never thinking to go this far. My dream was to go to the quarterfinals and play for a medal. But wow, I won this match, and it is crazy.” He recognizes the significance of achieving a medal, regardless of the players he beats, and acknowledges the challenge that lies ahead against Antonsen.

The men’s singles semifinals will begin at 11:40 am local Minsk time.

In the women’s singles category, top seeds Line Højmark Kjaersfeldt and Mia Blichfeldt aim to secure an all-Denmark final. Blichfeldt leads the way, having defeated Great Britain’s Chloe Birch. She acknowledges the toughness of her opponent, stating, “I have played Chloe many times, and I know she is a great fighter and is very strong. I knew I had to be stronger and fight even more than her. It worked well, and I kept the focus on my game plan.”

Mia Blichfeldt

Kjaersfeldt also claims victory against Turkey’s Neslihan Yigit, setting up a semifinal clash with Great Britain’s Kirsty Gilmour. The women’s singles semifinals are scheduled to start at 1:20 pm local Minsk time.

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Q: When does the men’s singles semifinals start?
A: The men’s singles semifinals will commence at 11:40 am local Minsk time.

Q: When does the women’s singles semifinals start?
A: The women’s singles semifinals are scheduled to start at 1:20 pm local Minsk time.


The European Games badminton tournament has witnessed some unexpected upsets, with Raul Must of Estonia and Misha Zilberman of Israel defying expectations and advancing to the semifinals. Their victories not only bring joy to their respective nations but also demonstrate the incredible talent and determination present in the world of badminton.

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As the competition continues, be sure to catch all the thrilling action live via the Carnegiecentre website.

Reporting with Aidan Jones & Rasmus Bech of Badminton Europe.