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OUE Singapore Open Receives Award for Best Media Facility 2015

The OUE Singapore Open, one of Badminton’s prestigious events, has been recognized as the winner of the AIPS Badminton Commission award for the Best Media Facility in 2015. This award acknowledges the exceptional media facilities provided by the tournament.

Elevating Media Facilities in Badminton

The AIPS Badminton Commission evaluated and rated media facilities at 19 tournaments, including BWF Major Events, BWF World Superseries tournaments, and some Grand Prix events. While the Thaihot China Open and the Dubai World Superseries Finals put up a strong fight, the OUE Singapore Open emerged as the top contender.

The Top Three Contenders

The rankings for the Best Media Facility award in 2015 were as follows:

  1. OUE Singapore Open – 463 points
  2. Dubai World Superseries Finals – 442 points
  3. Thaihot China Open Superseries – 431 points

The Commission highlighted that the OUE Singapore Open has consistently set the benchmark for media facilities in recent years, and this year was no exception. The attention to detail in all areas contributed to their success.

“In the final analysis, Singapore came out on top because of the PR company’s dedication to excellence,” said Raphael Sachetat, a member of the AIPS Badminton Commission. The PR company, with their extensive experience in managing media and player interactions, played a pivotal role in elevating the event. Their expertise from working in other sports proved beneficial for badminton.

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William Kings, Chairman of the Badminton Commission, commended Singapore’s well-deserved success and hoped it would inspire other tournaments to raise the bar in 2016. He also acknowledged that certain tournaments faced challenges in providing adequate media services and emphasized the importance of the BWF advising and supporting these events.

The Commission noted that outsourced media services generally outperformed in-house teams, as PR companies treat the media as clients and bring their knowledge from other sports. The collaboration between PR companies and badminton events yields fruitful results.

Chinese Taipei’s Tai Tzu Ying


1. What criteria were used to evaluate the media facilities?

The media facilities were evaluated based on attention to detail, communication with the media and players, as well as the PR company’s overall experience and expertise in managing such events.

2. Are media services better when outsourced?

Yes, the Commission highlighted that media services are generally superior when outsourced to PR companies, as they treat the media as clients and bring their knowledge from working in other sports.


The OUE Singapore Open has set a high standard for media facilities in badminton, earning the prestigious Best Media Facility award for 2015. The attention to detail, excellent communication, and the PR company’s extensive experience have contributed to the success of this event. As badminton continues to grow, it is essential for other tournaments to follow Singapore’s example and strive for excellence in providing media services. With the support and guidance of the BWF, tournaments can enhance their media facilities and enhance the overall experience for media professionals and players alike. Visit Carnegiecentre for more information on badminton events and news.

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