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BWF World Championships: Lakshya Sen Aims to Improve Performance

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Indian badminton player, Lakshya Sen, is set to compete in the upcoming TotalEnergies BWF World Championships, with the goal of surpassing his previous bronze medal performance. Despite his recent success at the Commonwealth Games, Sen remains focused and determined to excel at this prestigious tournament.

Preparations for Success

Sen’s team took a different approach in planning for these tournaments. They ensured that the Commonwealth Games victory would not hinder his preparations for the World Championships. Sen strategically took a break before the Commonwealth Games, opting not to participate in other events in order to train for these significant competitions.

According to Sen, “The approach was that no matter what happened at the Commonwealth Games, the main target remained the World Championships. I missed a few events before the Commonwealth Games and I got my rhythm there. I feel well prepared now.” He also acknowledges that last year’s World Championships experience will undoubtedly contribute to his performance, and the Commonwealth Games served as a preparatory tournament to regain his rhythm after a six-week hiatus.

Overcoming Challenges

Sen recognizes the lack of downtime after the Commonwealth Games, where he celebrated a significant victory. However, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining focus and being better prepared for the World Championships. Unlike the Commonwealth Games, this tournament features a highly competitive field, requiring Sen to be at his best from the early rounds.

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“At the end of the day, it’s about winning a tournament and it gives you a lot of confidence,” says Sen. “But here you will have tough matches from the early rounds.”

News | BWF World Championships

Building Momentum

Since his breakthrough performance at last year’s World Championships, Sen has continued to excel in the badminton world. He achieved victory at the India Open, finished as a runner-up at the German Open and the All England, and played a crucial role in India’s historic Thomas Cup triumph. Sen’s recent success at the Commonwealth Games, where he won an individual gold medal, further solidifies his growing reputation.

Reflecting on his progress, Sen shares, “From the World Championships, I’d say I gained the confidence, the match feel, playing match after match and recovering well from that.” He acknowledges the confidence boost from his current top-ten ranking but emphasizes that the ultimate goal is to win major tournaments.

The Road Ahead

Lakshya Sen is drawn in the bottom quarter of the tournament and will face Danish veteran Hans-Kristian Solberg Vittinghus in the opening round. With his dedicated training, experience, and determination, Sen aims to improve upon his previous performance and give his best on the court.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Lakshya Sen and the BWF World Championships:

  1. What is Lakshya Sen’s previous performance at the World Championships?

    • Sen won a bronze medal at the previous World Championships.
  2. How did Sen prepare for the World Championships after the Commonwealth Games?

    • Sen strategically took a break before the Commonwealth Games and focused on training for the World Championships.
  3. What are Sen’s recent achievements in the badminton world?

    • Sen won the India Open, finished as a runner-up at the German Open and the All England, and played a crucial role in India’s Thomas Cup triumph.
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Lakshya Sen’s journey to improve his performance at the BWF World Championships is fueled by his determination and dedication. With his successful track record and focused preparations, Sen is poised to make a mark in the tournament. Badminton enthusiasts eagerly await his matches, which promise to be highly competitive and thrilling displays of skill and sportsmanship.

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