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Enhancing the Badminton Experience: BWF News


The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is excited to announce its partnership with Li-Ning, an official sponsor of the upcoming Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games. This collaboration aims to elevate the badminton experience for students attending the event. Li-Ning will generously donate various badminton items as prizes for children from three Nanjing sports schools participating in promotional activities organized by the BWF.

Promoting Badminton and Youth Engagement

On the day following the Nanjing 2014 badminton finals, students will have the unique opportunity to undergo training sessions and play friendly matches with Youth Olympic Games (YOG) competitors. They will be paired with badminton Athlete Role Models and Young Ambassadors for an exciting and enjoyable experience. Winners will receive prizes such as badminton rackets, racket bags, and tubes of shuttlecocks, courtesy of Li-Ning.

Additionally, former Chinese badminton stars Lu Lan and Cheng Shu will engage with the students through an autograph session and a Question & Answer forum. This interaction will provide aspiring young badminton players with insights on the challenges and advantages of pursuing a career in professional athletics.

Fostering Youth Development and Exposure

The BWF, in collaboration with the local organizing committee (NYOGOC), has carefully planned these activities to bring local youth closer to YOG athletes and Chinese badminton icons. The intention is to inspire young individuals and create a memorable Youth Olympics badminton event experience. During the badminton competition held at the Nanjing Sports Institute, the students will have the opportunity to tour the venue behind the scenes and observe the operations of this prestigious event firsthand.

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A Testament of Partnership

BWF Secretary General Thomas Lund expresses his satisfaction in partnering with Li-Ning, the equipment sponsor for badminton at Nanjing 2014. He acknowledges the longstanding relationship between the two organizations through Major Events and values their collaboration on other initiatives. This particular venture holds special significance as it not only supports badminton development but also encourages youth participation in the sport.

Director of Li-Ning’s Indoor Sports Business Unit, Li Zhujun, recognizes the significance of the BWF’s Sports Initiation Programme and its integral role in the Cultural and Education plan of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games 2014. Li-Ning’s partnership with BWF aligns with their commitment to promoting badminton among young people worldwide. They believe that badminton contributes to physical fitness, body harmony, and mental development, making it an ideal sport for the young generation.

By collaborating with Li-Ning, the BWF aims to enhance the badminton experience for students attending the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games and inspire a new generation of badminton enthusiasts.


Q: What is the purpose of Li-Ning’s partnership with the BWF at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games?
A: Li-Ning aims to enhance the badminton experience for students attending the games by providing badminton equipment as prizes and facilitating interaction with professional athletes.

Q: How will the BWF and Li-Ning engage with the youth during the event?
A: Students will have the opportunity to participate in training sessions, play friendly matches with Youth Olympic Games competitors, and engage in autograph sessions and Q&A forums with former Chinese badminton stars.

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Q: What is the significance of this partnership for the BWF and Li-Ning?
A: This partnership allows the BWF to promote badminton among young people and inspire youth participation in the sport. Li-Ning, as the equipment sponsor, reinforces its commitment to supporting young athletes and badminton enthusiasts worldwide.


The collaboration between the BWF and Li-Ning at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games marks an exciting opportunity to enrich the badminton experience for students. By providing prizes, training sessions, and interactions with professional athletes, Li-Ning and the BWF aim to inspire and engage young badminton players. This partnership not only strengthens the sport’s development but also creates lasting memories for the future generation of badminton enthusiasts.

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