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BWF News: Hawk-Eye Technology Comes to Badminton

Badminton fans, get ready for an exciting update! Hawk-Eye technology, the world-renowned tracking system used in various sports, is now making its debut in the badminton world. This technology was recently implemented in the MetLife BWF World Superseries tournament in New Delhi, allowing spectators in the stadium and viewers at home to enjoy instant reviews of challenges happening on the TV court.

A Game-Changing Addition

After testing multiple instant-review technologies, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) has partnered with Hawk-Eye Innovations to provide instant-review services for the World Superseries and BWF Major Events. This collaboration includes Hawk-Eye’s popular graphics implementation, which precisely identifies the exact spot where a shuttle lands. These graphics are commonly seen in sports venues worldwide and broadcasted to fans everywhere.

“We have carefully evaluated different systems, and we have determined that Hawk-Eye is the most trusted and reliable option for tracking line-call challenges,” said BWF Secretary General Thomas Lund. “As a brand, Hawk-Eye has gained a strong reputation and global recognition among sports fans for its accuracy and innovative technology, enhancing the spectator experience.”

Enhanced Viewing Experience

Hawk-Eye’s system will be gradually integrated with the in-venue video boards and the live worldwide broadcast feed, enabling fans to witness instant reviews and decisions on challenges. This integration of graphical elements will first be tested in India before being fine-tuned for seamless operations.

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“Since the introduction of instant reviews in last year’s World Superseries Finals, many people have been eagerly awaiting the addition of graphics, similar to what they are accustomed to seeing in tennis and other sports. Now, with Hawk-Eye on board, we are ready to take that next step,” said Lund. “This integration of graphical elements marks another significant and innovative milestone for badminton in the sporting world.”

The Expansion of Instant Reviews

The India Open 2014 is the fifth BWF tournament to implement instant reviews since the BWF World Superseries Finals in Malaysia last December. Other tournaments where instant reviews have been in place include the Victor Korea Open, the Maybank Malaysia Open, and the Yonex All England Open.


Q: What is Hawk-Eye technology?
A: Hawk-Eye is a tracking system used in various sports to determine line calls with exceptional accuracy. It has now been introduced to the world of badminton.

Q: Where will Hawk-Eye’s graphics be displayed?
A: The graphics will be gradually integrated with the in-venue video boards and the live worldwide broadcast feed, allowing fans to see instant reviews and decisions on challenges.

Q: Which tournaments have implemented instant reviews?
A: Instant reviews have been available in the Victor Korea Open, Maybank Malaysia Open, Yonex All England Open, and the recently concluded India Open 2014.


The introduction of Hawk-Eye technology in badminton brings a new level of excitement and engagement for fans around the world. With instant reviews and the integration of graphical elements, the sport is taking a significant step forward. Stay tuned for more updates as badminton continues to embrace technology and enhance the spectator experience.

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