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Tai Tzu Ying’s Amazing Superseries Streak Ends

Tai Tzu Ying, one of the top Women’s Singles badminton players, experienced a shocking defeat today at the hands of Nitchaon Jindapol. This loss comes as a surprise since Tai had never previously lost to Jindapol. Let’s dive into the details of this remarkable match.

An Unforgettable Quarter-Final

The match between Tai Tzu Ying and Nitchaon Jindapol took place at the Jakarta Convention Center. In a nail-biting encounter, Jindapol displayed her skill and determination, matching Tai’s every move. Jindapol seized critical moments to deliver impressive shots, hindering Tai’s title defense and quest for a sixth consecutive victory on the MetLife BWF World Superseries circuit.

A Hard-Fought Battle

The quarter-final was a rollercoaster of emotions. Jindapol won the first game 21-19, but Tai quickly retaliated with a dominant performance in the second game, winning 8-21. In the decider, Jindapol refused to give up. Tai, although leading by a maximum of three points throughout the game, made uncharacteristic errors. Jindapol seized the opportunity when Tai was down 15-17 and went on to score six consecutive points, ending Tai’s seven-month unbeaten record in Superseries tournaments.

Jindapol’s Joy and Future Ambitions

Speaking about her historic victory, Jindapol expressed her excitement and credited her coaches for her success. She said, “It’s the first time I beat her, and I am really excited. I relaxed and enjoyed the match. Though I lost the second game, I still felt I could win, and I just focused on every point. My next goal is to reach the final.”

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Tai Tzu Ying’s Perspective

Despite her defeat, Tai Tzu Ying remained composed and acknowledged that she made more mistakes than usual. Battling the flu and fatigue, Tai was not overly concerned about the loss. She graciously accepted the defeat and expressed confidence in her abilities.

The Journey Continues

In the semi-finals, Nitchaon Jindapol will face off against the resurgent Japanese player Sayaka Sato. With both athletes displaying impressive form, this match promises to be a thrilling battle of speed and strength. The winner will advance to the final and have a chance to claim the championship title.


Q: Who ended Tai Tzu Ying’s Superseries streak?
A: Nitchaon Jindapol.

Q: How did Jindapol win the match?
A: Jindapol won the match by defeating Tai in a three-game encounter.

Q: Was Tai Tzu Ying upset about the loss?
A: Tai Tzu Ying remained composed and accepted the defeat gracefully.


Nitchaon Jindapol’s victory over Tai Tzu Ying marks a significant milestone in her career. It demonstrates that in the world of badminton, even the most formidable players can be challenged and defeated. The upcoming matches in the tournament are bound to be intense and full of surprises, as the remaining athletes strive to secure their spot in the final. Stay tuned for more updates on the Carnegiecentre website.

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