Friday, 14 Jun 2024

South Korean Badminton Players Secure Victory at YONEX All England Championship

By Tom Harle at Utilita Arena Birmingham

South Korean duo Kim So Yeong and Kong Hee Yong celebrated their victory at the YONEX All England Championship, hoping that this win will propel them to the top of the podium in future major championships. The pair demonstrated total dominance over their injured teammates Baek Ha Na and Lee So Hee, emerging as the first Korean champions in seven years with a resounding 21-5, 21-12 victory in just 43 minutes.

Expressing their joy and satisfaction, Kong stated, “I feel tremendously happy and pleased to win at this prestigious event. Hopefully, this is a good opportunity for us to further develop our skills.” Kim and Kong, who were seeded sixth, had a successful record in major championships, reaching the semi-finals of the 2021 Olympics and the 2021 and 2022 World Championships. They also clinched the silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics.

Despite not expecting to win the All England Championship due to their recent form, Kim expressed their ambition to convert this victory into a gold medal at the upcoming Paris Olympics. The pair has their sights set on upgrading the color of their medals and believes that this prestigious win is a stepping stone towards that goal.

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The partnership between Baek Ha Na and Lee So Hee is still in its early stages, having only played together in six tournaments. Reaching the All England final was a milestone for the pair, who have already shown promise by making it to four finals together. While they were unable to perform at their best on this occasion, they acknowledged the formidable performance of their opponents and acknowledged that there is still room for improvement.


In conclusion, Kim So Yeong and Kong Hee Yong’s victory at the YONEX All England Championship marks an important milestone in their careers. With their eyes set on future major championships, including the Paris Olympics, the duo aims to further elevate their performance and claim the top spot on the podium. Baek Ha Na and Lee So Hee, despite their loss, have shown great potential and are determined to continue improving as a partnership.