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Road To Tokyo: Thailand Para-Badminton International 2019


The Para badminton stars who shone at the recent World Championships in Basel are now gearing up for the Thailand Para-Badminton International 2019 in Bangkok. This tournament promises to be an exciting continuation of their journey towards the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. With top players from around the world vying for a spot in the prestigious event, the competition is set to be fierce and captivating.

A Showcase of Para Badminton Excellence

The Thailand Para-Badminton International 2019 kicked off with a bang, featuring world champions like France’s Lucas Mazur, Japan’s Sarina Satomi, and India’s Pramod Bhagat and Manasi Girishchandra Joshi. These talented athletes have consistently proven themselves on the international stage, and spectators can expect to witness their incredible skills and determination in action.

While the absence of the Chinese and Indonesian teams, who won a combined total of 11 medals in Basel, may be felt, there is no shortage of talent and excitement at the tournament. The 256 players from 34 countries were welcomed by BWF Deputy President Khunying Patama Leeswadtrakul, setting the stage for a thrilling competition.

Para Badminton’s Remarkable Journey

Para badminton has come a long way since being brought under the Badminton World Federation’s umbrella in 2011. Thanks to the BWF’s commitment to promoting and developing the sport, significant strides have been made. Last month, the BWF World Championships and the BWF Para-Badminton World Championships were successfully held together in Basel, marking a pivotal moment for the sport.

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This global recognition and integration have provided Para badminton athletes with unprecedented opportunities to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level. The sport has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, and its inclusion in the Paralympic Games has further solidified its status as a prestigious international event.

Qualification and Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

The Thailand Para-Badminton International 2019 and the upcoming China Para-Badminton International are crucial phases of qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. With only 90 spots available for Para badminton, athletes must seize every opportunity to secure their places in Tokyo.

Among the players hoping to excel in Bangkok is Germany’s Valeska Knoblauch, currently ranked second in the women’s singles Wheelchair (WH2) category. After a disappointing quarterfinal loss in Basel, Knoblauch is determined to bounce back and make a strong statement in this tournament.

Knoblauch is well-prepared for the back-to-back trips to Asia and eagerly looking forward to competing in Thailand and China. While some teams may not be present in Bangkok, the China Para-Badminton International offers a whole new set of challenges and potential surprises. Knoblauch is excited about the prospect of facing new opponents and experiencing the standard of play in China.


Q: How many players are participating in the Thailand Para-Badminton International 2019?
A: A total of 256 players from 34 countries are competing in this prestigious tournament.

Q: How many spots are available for Para badminton at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics?
A: Only 90 places are up for grabs, making the competition incredibly intense and exciting.

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Q: Are there any notable absentees from the Thailand Para-Badminton International?
A: Yes, the Chinese and Indonesian teams, who won a significant number of medals in Basel, have not traveled to Thailand for this competition.


The Thailand Para-Badminton International 2019 is a key event on the Road to Tokyo for Para badminton athletes. With intense competition, exceptional talent, and the opportunity to secure a place in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, this tournament is a must-watch for sports enthusiasts. As the sport continues to grow and captivate audiences around the world, the future of Para badminton looks incredibly promising.

For more information on Para badminton and the upcoming events, visit Carnegiecentre. Stay tuned for exciting updates and results from the Thailand Para-Badminton International 2019!