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Georgy Van Soerland-Trouerbach of the Netherlands has emerged as the standout player at the ElPozo BWF World Senior Championships 2021, achieving a remarkable triple crown at the event held in Huelva, Spain. Let’s dive into the highlights of this exciting badminton tournament!

Triple Triumph for Trouerbach

Georgy Van Soerland-Trouerbach displayed her exceptional skills and dominance by securing victories in three different categories. In the women’s singles 45 age category, she outplayed England’s Rebecca Pantaney, winning with a convincing score of 21-12 21-14. Trouerbach also formed successful partnerships with Marielle Van Der Woerdt for the women’s doubles and Gerben Bruijstens for the mixed doubles, clinching the titles in both disciplines.

A Show of Strength

The World Senior Championships witnessed a staggering participation of 1300 players competing in 44 categories across nine age groups ranging from 35 to 75+. The tournament attracted badminton enthusiasts from around the world, making it a true celebration of the sport.

Thai Star Shines

One of the standout performances came from Thailand’s Boonsak Ponsana, a popular player in the badminton world. Ponsana teamed up with Jakrapan Thanathiratham to secure the gold medal in the men’s doubles (35) category. Additionally, Ponsana showcased his skills in the men’s singles event, earning a bronze medal for his outstanding performance.

Impressive Medals and Achievements

The World Senior Championships highlighted remarkable achievements from various players. Former men’s doubles world champion Jesper Helledie claimed two medals, earning a silver in singles (65) and a bronze in men’s doubles (60) alongside Scotland’s Dan Travers.

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Notably, the men’s singles 50 category attracted the highest number of participants with 91 competitors, showcasing the immense popularity of the sport. Other categories also witnessed significant participation, including men’s singles 45, men’s singles 40, mixed doubles 50, men’s singles 55, and men’s singles 60.

Celebrating Double Victories

Denmark emerged as a dominant force in the tournament, with several players achieving double victories in their respective categories. Players such as Tommy Sorensen, Gry Uhrenholt Hermansen, Karun Kasayapanant, Drifa Hardardottir, Jesper Thomsen, Betty Bartlett, Johan Croucamp, Peter Emptage, and Irene Sterlie showcased their skills and brought honor to their country.

Betty Bartlett came close to achieving a triple crown similar to that of Soerland-Trouerbach. She claimed victory in the women’s singles 65 and mixed doubles 65 (with Peter Emptage). However, Bartlett’s quest for a third title in the women’s doubles category fell short as she and Brenda Creasey were defeated in the group match against the Scottish-Dutch duo Christine Black and Marjan Ridder.

Achievements and Medals Galore

Christine Black, another exceptional player, secured three medals in the tournament. In addition to winning the women’s doubles 65 category, she was the runner-up in the women’s singles event, finishing behind Betty Bartlett. Black also partnered with Dan Travers to win a silver medal in the mixed doubles 60 category, trailing behind Sweden’s Magnus Ericsson and Kerstin Kristoffersson.

Thrilling Finals

In the senior-most category (75+), Denmark’s Knud Danielsen emerged as the champion after a closely contested men’s singles final against Poland’s Pawel Gasz. Danielsen’s skill and determination were on full display as he triumphed with a score of 16-21 21-18 21-18. In addition to his singles victory, Danielsen also secured a bronze medal in the men’s doubles 70 category alongside Torben Hansen.

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French Flair

Anthony Nelson of France showcased his exceptional talent by winning a complete set of medals. Nelson claimed the gold medal in the men’s singles 35 category, a silver in the mixed doubles (with Maily Turlan), and a bronze in men’s doubles (with Bruno Cazau), adding to his country’s success.


The ElPozo BWF World Senior Championships 2021 was a thrilling badminton event that celebrated the talent and passion of senior players from around the world. The tournament showcased awe-inspiring performances, remarkable achievements, and moments of intense competition. Congratulations to all the players who participated and delivered an exceptional display of badminton skills. If you want to learn more about the results and medallists, click here.