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BWF World Championships: Seo Seung Jae Makes History with Double Victory

On a historic day at the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2023, Seo Seung Jae became the first male shuttler in 24 years to win both the men’s and mixed doubles titles. This remarkable achievement, coupled with An Se Young’s women’s singles victory, marked Korea’s best-ever performance at the World Championships, with three titles in total.

Seo Seung Jae’s Unprecedented Success

In the men’s doubles final, Seo Seung Jae and his partner Chae Yu Jung faced the overwhelming favorites, Zheng Si Wei and Huang Ya Qiong. Despite losing all nine of their previous encounters, Seo and Chae delivered an outstanding performance, seizing victory in a thrilling three-game match (21-17, 10-21, 21-18). Their success showcased their resilience and determination to overcome the odds.

A jubilant Seo and Chae

A few hours later, Seo Seung Jae returned to the court for the mixed doubles final, partnering with Kang Min Hyuk. The Korean pair faced Kim Astrup and Anders Skaarup Rasmussen, who were supported by a spirited Danish crowd. The match was closely contested, with the Danes dominating the short rallies and the Koreans excelling in aerial duels. In another tense showdown, Seo and Kang emerged victorious, securing Seo’s double world champion status.

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A Glorious Moment for Korea

Reflecting on their historic wins, Kang Min Hyuk expressed his initial concerns about Seo Seung Jae’s physical condition after playing a long match in the mixed doubles. However, they decided to focus on their own game instead of worrying about it, which ultimately paid off. Seo Seung Jae emphasized the significance of this triumph, not only for himself and his partner but for the entire Korean team. He acknowledged the support they received and the hard work they put in to achieve this glorious moment.

Seo and Kang celebrate Korea's golden moment


Q: How did Seo Seung Jae and Chae Yu Jung overcome the favorites in the mixed doubles?
A: Despite losing all previous matches to Zheng Si Wei and Huang Ya Qiong, Seo and Chae showcased their resilience and determination, delivering a stellar performance to secure victory.

Q: What made Seo Seung Jae’s double world championship win so significant?
A: Seo Seung Jae became the first male player in over two decades to win both the men’s and mixed doubles titles at the same edition of the World Championships, marking a historic achievement.


Seo Seung Jae’s double victory at the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2023 is a testament to his exceptional skill and determination. Alongside his partner Chae Yu Jung, Seo overcame the odds to defeat formidable opponents and make history in the badminton world. This remarkable achievement highlights the talent and dedication of Korean shuttlers and represents a proud moment for the entire Korean team.

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