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The Victorious Moments at the HULIC DAIHATSU Japan Para Badminton International

England’s Daniel Bethell emerged as the star of the show at the HULIC DAIHATSU Japan Para Badminton International when he defeated the world champion Pramod Bhagat of India in the men’s Standing Lower (SL3) singles finals, with a score of 21-16, 21-19.

Bethell’s victory was a significant achievement as he had lost to Bhagat in their previous three encounters in the finals. With a solid game plan and unwavering focus, Bethell was able to secure the win. In an interview, he expressed his relief at finally defeating the world champion and the satisfaction it brought him.

Bethell knew that Bhagat excelled at making a comeback when faced with a few point deficits. To counter this, Bethell ensured that he minimized his mistakes and avoided any unforced errors. He knew that a match could be decided by such errors, especially on a half court.

Pramod Bhagat, on the other hand, admitted to making a lot of mistakes in the first game, which should have been easy for him. He acknowledged that Bethell played exceptionally well in the second game, and despite his efforts to stage a comeback, Bethell was simply on a different level that day.

In another match, Bethell’s teammate Krysten Coombs faced India’s Krishna Nagar in the men’s Short Stature (SH6) singles finals. Unfortunately, Coombs did not come out victorious and lost to Nagar. Coombs expressed his frustration with his own performance, mentioning that he struggled to find his rhythm during the match. He acknowledged that the competition among the players in his category was intense and unpredictable.

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Nagar, on the other hand, acknowledged that he initially struggled to find his footing in the first game, allowing Coombs to equalize the score at 18-18. However, he managed to turn the game around in the second and third games, winning with scores of 21-17 and 21-12. Nagar mentioned that his coach’s guidance and his own determination allowed him to regain control of the match.

The Road to Glory

Japan’s Ayako Suzuki avenged her loss at the World Championships earlier this year by defeating China’s Yang Qiuxia in the women’s Standing Upper (SU5) singles finals. Suzuki strategically shortened the rallies and played decisively, resulting in her victory. This win solidified Suzuki’s position as the world’s number one and secured her spot at the top of the Race to Tokyo rankings.

Meanwhile, Malaysia’s Cheah Liek Hou exhibited strength and confidence in the men’s Standing Upper (SU5) singles final. Cheah defeated Indonesia’s Suryo Nugroho with a score of 21-16, 21-17. Cheah expressed his satisfaction with the win, emphasizing how it would boost his confidence leading up to the Paralympics.

Cheah acknowledged the challenges he faced in keeping up with younger and more agile athletes like Nugroho and the 2019 world champion Dheva Anrimusthi of Indonesia. However, with his new training and improved strategies, he found a way to overcome these obstacles. Cheah mentioned that his main obstacle, Dheva, was absent from the competition, providing him with a prime opportunity to secure victory. Under the guidance of his coach, Rashid Sidek, a bronze medalist in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, Cheah has honed his skills and adapted a faster and more strategic style of play.

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Celebrating Success

Lucas Mazur of France had a double celebration at the HULIC DAIHATSU Japan Para Badminton International. He won the men’s Standing Lower (SL4) singles title and the mixed doubles SL3-SU5 title with his partner Faustine Noel. Their powerful gameplay earned them a victory over the determined Turkish pair of Iiker Tuzcu and Halime Yildiz.

Mazur also faced Thailand’s Siripong Teammarom in the singles event and emerged victorious with scores of 21-9, 21-8. Mazur expressed his satisfaction with the opportunity to test the conditions in the venue that will host the Paralympics and highlighted the importance of winning in such a significant tournament.

China’s Cheng Hefang also had a remarkable performance. She clinched the women’s SL4 singles title after defeating Japan’s Haruka Fujino with scores of 21-11, 21-12. Additionally, Hefang won the women’s doubles SL3-SU5 title with Ma Huihui against Japan’s Ayako Suzuki and Noriko Ito.


Q: Where can I find the complete results of the HULIC DAIHATSU Japan Para Badminton International?
A: You can find the complete results here.


The HULIC DAIHATSU Japan Para Badminton International showcased exceptional talent and fierce competition. Athletes like Daniel Bethell, Ayako Suzuki, and Lucas Mazur demonstrated their skills, determination, and strategies to secure victories. With their eyes on the Paralympics, these athletes are leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of glory.