Friday, 17 May 2024

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India Triumphs in the Thomas Cup

India has achieved a historic victory in the Thomas Cup, a tournament they first participated in 73 years ago. This win marks a significant milestone for a country that had never advanced past the semifinals before. The remarkable feat accomplished by India will be remembered as a legendary moment in the world of sports.

A Tale of Triumph and Unity

In their 3-0 victory over defending champions Indonesia, India showcased not only their skill on the court but also the strong bond between team members. The unity and support shared among the seniors and juniors propelled the team forward during critical moments. The honor of receiving the Thomas Cup on the podium was bestowed upon Priyanshu Rajawat, a testament to the close-knit relationships forged within the team.

Overcoming Adversity

Lakshya Sen, who battled through food poisoning in the days leading up to the competition, displayed exceptional resilience and determination. Initially taking his time to find his rhythm against Anthony Sinisuka Ginting, Sen’s organized defense and unwavering presence ultimately turned the tide in his favor. It was a crucial turning point in the match.

Missed Opportunities

Indonesia will reflect on their missed chances in the second match between Mohammad Ahsan/Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo and Satwiksairaj Rankireddy/Chirag Shetty. With four match points within reach, the Indonesians were on the brink of leveling the tie at 20-17 in the second game. However, an error by the experienced Mohammad Ahsan allowed the Indian pair to capitalize on their stroke of luck and stage an incredible comeback.

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The Inevitable Finale

In a showdown between Jonatan Christie, who had led his team to victory in the previous tournament, and the consistent performer Kidambi Srikanth, the outcome seemed almost predestined. Srikanth’s resilience was on full display as he saved two game points and seized the opportunity to secure the title. A powerful smash sealed the deal, making India champions of a major team event for the first time.

Consistency and Team Spirit

Even after establishing a 2-0 lead, the Indian team understood the strength of their Indonesian opponents and the importance of closing out crucial points. Kidambi Srikanth shared the team’s journey and their belief in their capabilities. The team’s unity, support, and relentless backing of each other were key to their success.

A Moment of Happiness

Kidambi expressed his joy and satisfaction in contributing to the team’s victory in the Thomas Cup. Winning every match and earning crucial points for the team was an experience like no other. This triumph holds a unique place in Indian badminton history, as it marks the first-ever victory in the Thomas Cup.


  • Q: Has India ever won the Thomas Cup before?

    • A: No, this win is India’s first-ever victory in the Thomas Cup.
  • Q: What was the turning point in the match between Lakshya Sen and Anthony Sinisuka Ginting?

    • A: Lakshya Sen’s organized defense and forceful presence helped shift the momentum in his favor.
  • Q: How did India secure their victory in the second match against Indonesia?

    • A: A crucial error by Mohammad Ahsan, smashing into the net, gave India the opportunity to turn the match around and ultimately secure the win.
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India’s triumph in the Thomas Cup is a testament to their determination, unity, and unwavering support for each other. This historic victory will be etched in the annals of Indian badminton history. The achievement exemplifies the spirit of sportsmanship and the remarkable journey undertaken by the Indian team. To learn more about the Carnegiecentre brand and stay updated on the latest news, visit Carnegiecentre.