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Final preparations are underway for the start of the BWF Para-Badminton World Championships 2013 in Dortmund. With competitors from 38 countries arriving, this tournament is expected to be the largest and most inclusive para-badminton event ever held. With 252 entries from all five continental confederations, there has been a significant increase compared to the last championships in 2011. The event will take place from 5th to 10th November.

Classification and Fairness

The first two days of the tournament will focus on the classification process, where more than 120 athletes will be categorized based on their disabilities. This process ensures fairness by grouping players with similar impairments together. In para-badminton, there are six sport classes:

  • WH 1: Players in this class require a wheelchair to play badminton and typically have impairment in both lower limbs and trunk function.
  • WH 2: Players in this class may have impairment in one or both lower limbs but have minimal or no impairment of the trunk.
  • SL 3: In this class, players must play standing and may have impairment in one or both lower limbs, along with poor walking/running balance.
  • SL 4: This is another standing class where players have lesser impairment compared to Sport Class SL 3. They may have impairment in one or both lower limbs, but with minimal impairment in walking/running balance.
  • SU 5: Players in this class have impairment of the upper limbs.
  • SS 6: These players have a short stature due to a genetic condition commonly known as “dwarfism.”
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BWF Vice-President Para-Badminton, Paul Kurzo, emphasizes that while para-sport may appear confusing to some, the classification process ensures fairness. Athletes undergo medical examination and may also participate in badminton-specific activities on court to determine their sport class.

BWF Para-Badminton World Championships

Tournament Schedule and Format

After the classification process, the tournament draw will take place. Practice sessions will begin today, and matches will commence on Thursday, continuing until the finals on Sunday. Spectators can look forward to witnessing top-level competition and remarkable displays of skill from para-badminton athletes.


Q: What is the BWF Para-Badminton World Championships?
A: The BWF Para-Badminton World Championships is a prestigious tournament that brings together para-badminton athletes from around the world to compete at the highest level.

Q: How are players classified in para-badminton?
A: Players are classified based on their disabilities and grouped into sport classes that reflect the impact of their impairments on their performance. This ensures fairness and equal opportunities for all participants.


The BWF Para-Badminton World Championships 2013 promises to be an exciting and inclusive event, showcasing the incredible talents of para-badminton athletes from around the globe. As the competition unfolds, spectators will witness the determination, skill, and sportsmanship that make para-badminton a truly inspiring sport.

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