Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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It’s been an incredible start to the year for Zhang Shu Xian and Zheng Yu. Today at DAIHATSU Indonesia Masters 2024, the Chinese third seeds triumphed over Jongkolphan Kititharakul/Rawinda Prajongjai, securing their spot in their third title match of the season. This victory is particularly significant as it marks their first win against the Thai duo after four consecutive defeats dating back to September 2022.

In an interview, Zhang shared, “We used our previous experience playing against this pair to find the right strategies. We learned from those losses and aimed to overcome the challenges by improving our pace and shuttlecock control.” They also studied their quarterfinal match against Li Wen Mei/Liu Xuan Xuan to gain insights and prepare for their current match.

Zhang and Zheng have demonstrated exceptional performance in the new HSBC BWF World Tour season, making it to the finals in all three tournaments. However, they finished as runners-up in both the Malaysia and India Opens. When asked if they felt more confident as a pair after this strong start, Zheng replied, “Yes, and we will strive to become champions this time.”

Their final opponents are their fellow compatriots, Liu Sheng Shu and Tan Ning. The head-to-head record between the two pairs stands at 2-2, with Liu and Tan winning their most recent clash in the Malaysia Open final two weeks ago.

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  • “We don’t really feel tired. Winning tough matches like this actually makes us more confident.” – Huang Ya Qiong, confirming her and Zheng Si Wei’s full recovery after falling ill in Malaysia.

  • “This week has been an eye-opener for us. When we play well, we can defeat some of the top pairs. We’ve learned that being brave pays off, and we should strive to be more courageous in our play. This week has been incredibly motivating for us.” – Clara Graversen, reflecting on their productive time in Jakarta.

  • “Most people can agree that the first match is always the hardest because you’re trying to adjust to the conditions. So, beating a strong player was a big boost for me. It gave me a lot of confidence for the rest of the tournament.” – Brian Yang, who came from behind to defeat Anthony Sinisuka Ginting, discussing how his victory over Li Shi Feng propelled him forward.

News | BWF World Tour
Yang ecstatic after clinching the match point.


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The DAIHATSU Indonesia Masters 2024 has been an exciting event filled with intense matches and remarkable performances. Zhang Shu Xian and Zheng Yu’s journey to the finals showcases their determination and growth as a pair. As badminton enthusiasts eagerly await the finals, the stage is set for an exhilarating showdown between Zhang/Zheng and Liu/Tan. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of the BWF World Tour!

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