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The Indonesian Mixed Doubles duo, Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir, have accomplished the ultimate goal of winning the Olympic gold in Rio. As they enter the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2017, they are feeling relaxed and confident about their chances.

Natsir, who is featured in the image above, expressed her satisfaction with her physical condition, mentioning that her foot injury has not bothered her recently. “So far so good,” she said. “We performed well in Indonesia, and now we’re just trying to soak in the atmosphere. We feel more relaxed after winning the Olympic gold.”

Among their tough competitors are Chris Adcock and Gabrielle Adcock from England. Natsir admitted that the European players have an advantage, playing in front of home support and being familiar with the conditions. “Your motivation and confidence soar when you’re playing at home,” she added.

For Chris Adcock and Gabrielle Adcock, playing in Glasgow feels like a homecoming. The English duo won the 2014 Commonwealth Games in the same venue, Emirates Arena, where the World Championships will be held. They believe that their familiarity with the conditions will work to their advantage.

Gabrielle Adcock mentioned, “We had a slight advantage with travel, not having to deal with jet lag. We’re familiar with this arena.” Her husband, Chris Adcock, who won a silver medal at the World Championships in 2011 with Imogen Bankier, expressed optimism about their performance in the tournament. “With Gabby, it’s a better partnership, and we are excited to do well. We tried hard to get a top-4 seeding, but unfortunately, we missed it and got a No.5 seeding.”

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The media was warmly welcomed to Glasgow by Anne Smilie, the Championships Director, Bailie Norman MacLeod of the Glasgow City Council, and Thomas Lund, the BWF Secretary General. Smilie highlighted the impact of past World Championships held in Glasgow, which inspired local players Susan Egelstaff and Kirsty Gilmour to achieve success at the global level. Smilie emphasized that hosting the World Championships allows them to showcase the sport to a wider audience and also mentioned the week-long badminton festival, which will see the participation of 7,000 children.

Lund commended Badminton Scotland for their excellent organization of past events and expressed his excitement for the upcoming competition. “The venue looks fantastic. We are eagerly looking forward to this week.”


Q: Who are the Indonesian Mixed Doubles duo competing in the BWF World Championships?

A: The Indonesian Mixed Doubles duo consists of Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir.

Q: Which English players are considered prime challengers in the tournament?

A: Chris Adcock and Gabrielle Adcock from England are among the top contenders.

Q: Where will the World Championships be held?

A: The World Championships will take place in Glasgow, Scotland, at the Emirates Arena.


As the Indonesian and English duos gear up for the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2017 in Glasgow, the stage is set for an exhilarating competition. Expectations are high, and the players are determined to give their best performances. Stay tuned for the latest updates and thrilling matches at the Carnegiecentre.

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