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Kento Momota: A Rising Star in Badminton

Kento Momota

When it comes to the world of badminton, Kento Momota is a name that cannot be ignored. With three major events on the horizon, including the Sudirman Cup, the World Championships 2019, and Tokyo 2020, Momota has re-established himself as the player to beat. But what sets him apart from the competition? Let’s delve into the reasons behind his success.

Overcoming Vulnerabilities

At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, Momota faced some setbacks, resulting in losses to Son Wan Ho, Shi Yuqi, Kenta Nishimoto, and Anders Antonsen. However, he didn’t let these defeats deter him. Instead, he took the opportunity to address his vulnerabilities and adapt tactically.

One notable example of his adaptability was seen in the Singapore Open, where he displayed a more urgent and proactive style of play. Rather than relying solely on his defensive skills, Momota took charge of the game, setting the narrative and seizing every opportunity. This change in approach reflected his stellar run from the previous year.

The Power of Confidence

What truly sets Momota apart is his unwavering confidence, both physically and mentally. Even when things aren’t going his way, he remains steadfast, knowing that perseverance will pay off. In the All England final against Viktor Axelsen, Momota faced a formidable opponent who dominated the second game. However, Momota didn’t give up. He patiently waited for his chance, capitalizing on the small openings that appeared, ultimately frustrating his opponent and securing the victory.

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Tactical Brilliance

Another aspect of Momota’s game that deserves recognition is his strategic brilliance. In the Singapore Open semifinal against Axelsen, Momota found himself trailing by a significant margin. However, instead of succumbing to defeat, he switched up his tactics, targeting Axelsen’s backhand. This change in strategy paid off, leading to an impressive comeback and a well-deserved win.

A Player with Room to Grow

While Momota is currently the world No. 1, he is aware that the competition is fierce, with many talented players hot on his heels. To stay ahead, he understands the importance of constantly reinventing his game. Unlike players like Lin Dan or Lee Chong Wei, who dominated their opponents effortlessly, Momota’s titles have been hard-earned through tough battles.

Only time will tell if Momota can maintain his reign or if the chasing pack will catch up to him. Regardless, one thing is for certain – Kento Momota’s rise in the badminton world is far from over.


Q: What major events is Kento Momota participating in?

A: Kento Momota will be participating in the Sudirman Cup, the World Championships 2019, and Tokyo 2020.

Q: Has Kento Momota addressed his vulnerabilities?

A: Yes, after some setbacks, Momota has successfully addressed his vulnerabilities and adapted his tactics.

Q: What sets Kento Momota apart from other players?

A: Momota’s unwavering confidence, tactical brilliance, and ability to adapt to different situations make him stand out from the competition.


Kento Momota’s journey in badminton has been nothing short of remarkable. Through hard work, adaptability, and sheer determination, he has risen to the top of the ranks. As he faces new challenges and formidable opponents, one thing remains clear – Kento Momota is a force to be reckoned with in the world of badminton.

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