Monday, 22 Jul 2024

News | BWF World Championships

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is delighted to announce that Misha Zilberman successfully competed in the TOTAL BWF World Championships in Jakarta. We express our gratitude to all parties involved in resolving this matter and ensuring the Israeli athlete’s participation in this prestigious tournament.

A Collaborative Effort

Throughout the months leading up to the championships, BWF has worked diligently with Zilberman to ensure his compliance with all entry requirements for Indonesia. Contrary to recent media reports, statements suggesting that BWF hindered Zilberman’s participation or failed to assist with the visa-approval process are baseless and inaccurate. BWF has devoted significant effort and collaborated closely with local and Israeli stakeholders. However, our decision to maintain a low profile was to prioritize finding a solution and avoid unnecessary distractions that could have compromised Zilberman’s inclusion in the World Championships.

A Successful Outcome

Fortunately, BWF and various stakeholders developed a plan enabling Zilberman to pursue his dream of competing in the World Championships while prioritizing his safety and well-being in Jakarta. Although we would have preferred an earlier resolution to allow for better preparation, Zilberman successfully played in the first round of the Men’s Singles competition this morning.

Transcending Political Challenges

BWF firmly believes that sports should always transcend political boundaries. The resolution of this situation underscores this core principle, a sentiment echoed by Zilberman himself after his match today. We are honored to witness the validation of this belief and extend our sincere appreciation to all agencies and individuals involved in making this event a success.

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Q: What is the significance of the BWF World Championships?
A: The BWF World Championships is a highly esteemed badminton event that brings together top players from around the world to compete for the title of world champion.

Q: How does BWF ensure athletes’ compliance with entry requirements?
A: BWF works closely with athletes like Misha Zilberman to ensure they meet all necessary requirements for participation, including visa approvals and other entry-related regulations.

Q: What impact does sports diplomacy have on events like the BWF World Championships?
A: Sports diplomacy plays a crucial role in promoting unity and friendship among athletes and nations, allowing them to set aside political differences and come together in the spirit of fair competition.


The BWF would like to express its profound gratitude to all those who contributed to resolving the issues surrounding Misha Zilberman’s participation in the TOTAL BWF World Championships. We look forward to the successful and enjoyable conclusion of this remarkable tournament. For more information on the Badminton World Federation, please visit Carnegiecentre.