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News | BWF World Championships

An incredible sixth World title is within reach for Lin Dan. The Chinese Men’s Singles legend has advanced to his seventh World Championships final with a dominant victory over Korea’s Son Wan Ho, 21-17 21-14. Lin has only lost one of his previous six finals, way back in 2005 against Indonesia’s Taufik Hidayat.

News | BWF World Championships

China is competing in four gold medal matches, with Chen Qingchen also appearing in the Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles finals. The only gold medal that remains out of their grasp is the Women’s Singles, as India’s Pusarla V Sindhu defeated World Junior champion Chen Yufei in a dominant fashion.

News | BWF World Championships

Son Wan Ho presented a challenge for Lin Dan throughout the match. Although the Korean kept the game close, especially in the first game and the early stages of the second, he couldn’t stop Lin from asserting his dominance. Each rally had a subtle intensity, with sudden bursts of action. Son’s task was to convert the limited opportunities he created, but Lin was able to anticipate and counter each attack. On the other hand, the five-time World champion consistently found the lines with his powerful jump smashes.

Son showed more creativity in the second game, trying to disrupt Lin’s rhythm. He moved swiftly, executed precise smashes, and intercepted Lin’s returns. For a brief moment, he managed to level the playing field. However, a few mistakes from Son turned the tide in Lin’s favor. Lin capitalized on his advantage, unleashing powerful smashes and applying relentless pressure. Son’s discipline wavered, while Lin’s brilliance shone through.

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“I’m not satisfied with my performance today,” Son admitted. “I made too many mistakes. At times, we were close, but I couldn’t control the game the way Lin did. He demonstrated superior technical skills.”

Lin credited his record-breaking seventh final appearance to his hard work and dedication. “People often question my age, but it’s all about the effort I put in. I enjoy practicing every day, and that’s what allows me to perform at a high level. Men’s Singles is highly competitive nowadays, with many talented players. To reach the final of a prestigious tournament like this, a player must work tirelessly.”

Pusarla Routes Chen

In the Women’s Singles semi-final, India’s Pusarla triumphed over China’s Chen Yufei, winning 21-13 21-10. Chen had previously defeated formidable opponents such as Akane Yamaguchi and Ratchanok Intanon, but Pusarla executed a game plan that neutralized Chen’s strengths.

Initially, Pusarla struggled to handle Chen’s powerful half-smashes. However, she adjusted her strategy, responding with accurate length shots and well-placed drop shots. As Pusarla gained confidence and unleashed her aggressive shots, Chen found herself at a loss. In the second game, Chen faced a significant deficit of 1-13 before earning a few more points.

“Winning today was crucial for me. I wanted to change the color of my medals,” Pusarla expressed. She currently holds two bronze medals from previous World Championships. “Reaching the final feels amazing, but the job is not done yet. Looking back, the victory against Cheung (Ngan Yi) made a significant difference. It allowed me to come back from the brink of defeat.”

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Young Japanese in Final

Yuki Fukushima and Sayaka Hirota, the rising stars of Women’s Doubles, have secured their spot in the World Championships final. This is their debut appearance, and they delivered a solid performance against Denmark’s Christinna Pedersen and Kamilla Rytter Juhl, winning 21-17 19-21 21-14.

“This is our first time in the World Championships, and we are thrilled to have reached the final. Beating the Danish pair for the first time is an added bonus,” Fukushima stated.

“They played aggressively today and changed their tactics. They prevented us from gaining momentum, and we couldn’t keep up in the end,” Rytter Juhl commented.

Zhang, Chen in Title Hunt

Zhang Nan has a chance to secure his fourth World title as he advances to the Men’s Doubles final with Liu Cheng. Zhang, known for his success in Mixed Doubles with different partners and with two Olympic gold medals to his name, defeated Chinese compatriots Chai Biao and Hong Wei, 21-17 21-19.

Doubles sensation Chen Qingchen, after her victory in the Women’s Doubles earlier in the day, continued her impressive run in the Mixed Doubles alongside Zheng Siwei. They held off a late surge from England’s Chris Adcock and Gabrielle Adcock, winning 21-15 23-21.

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  • Q: How many World titles has Lin Dan won?
    A: Lin Dan has won five World titles so far and is now on the verge of winning his sixth.

  • Q: Who is competing in the Women’s Singles final?
    A: India’s Pusarla V Sindhu will face off against China’s opponent in the Women’s Singles final.

  • Q: Which Chinese players are in the gold medal bouts?
    A: Chen Qingchen is featuring in both the Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles finals.

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The BWF World Championships has witnessed some incredible performances, with Lin Dan on the cusp of winning his sixth World title. The Chinese team has shown their prowess, securing spots in multiple gold medal matches. The competition has been fierce, and fans can look forward to thrilling finals in various categories. Stay tuned for more updates and catch all the action at