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Liu Sheng Shu Triumphs at DAIHATSU Indonesia Masters 2023

The winners posing on the podium

Liu Sheng Shu, the reigning world junior champion in women’s and mixed doubles, has emerged victorious at the HSBC BWF World Tour event, making an impressive debut. Teaming up with Zhang Shu Xian at the DAIHATSU Indonesia Masters 2023, the 18-year-old claimed the women’s doubles title in straight games against former world No.1s Yuki Fukushima and Sayaka Hirota, displaying remarkable skill and composure.

A Tremendous Journey to Victory

Despite being paired for the first time, Liu Sheng Shu and Zhang Shu Xian showcased their synchrony and precision throughout the tournament. They dropped just one game, in the quarterfinals against fellow compatriots Tan Ning and Xia Yu Ting, and went on to eliminate top seeds Nami Matsuyama and Chiharu Shida in their path to glory.

When asked about their unexpected triumph, Liu mentioned the key to their success, saying, “We are quite surprised we could win, but the key was we didn’t overthink before the match. The opponents are our seniors, and we have learned a lot from them.” Liu’s calm on-court demeanor further impressed, with the young badminton prodigy emphasizing, “I’m still young, so I try not to worry too much about results or setting targets. The opportunity to learn is more precious.”

Road to Success

Liu Sheng Shu’s exceptional talent was already evident at the BWF World Junior Championships in Santander, Spain, where she triumphed in both women’s doubles and mixed doubles events. Together with Wang Ting Ge in women’s doubles and Zhu Yi Jun in mixed doubles, Liu displayed exceptional skill and determination.

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Her partner, Zhang Shu Xian, has also been competing on the world stage. Previously paired with Zheng Yu at the PETRONAS Malaysia Open 2023 and YONEX SUNRISE India Open 2023, Zhang aims to continue their upward trajectory and will join Liu in the upcoming PRINCESS SIRIVANNAVARI Thailand Masters 2023, a highly anticipated Super 300 event.

What Others Are Saying

The badminton community has been buzzing about the incredible performances witnessed at the DAIHATSU Indonesia Masters 2023. Here are some notable quotes from the event:

  • “We can sense our performances are getting better. We hope to keep this momentum going.” – Sayaka Hirota
  • “Even after long rallies, I don’t feel any pain in my knee. This is the best feeling. I’m on my way.” – Carolina Marin
  • “I’ve been tired from the first round. But I’m learning to persevere and tell myself to keep pushing because I want to win at my second Olympic Games.” – An Se Young
  • “He behaves like a senior. He knows how to deal with difficult situations, helps me get through them. I don’t see him as a kid.” – Olympic champion Huang Dong Ping on partnering 21-year-old Feng Yan Zhe
  • “To finish runners-up to our seniors after starting in the qualification round is a very rewarding experience for a young pair like us.” – Wei Ya Xin
  • “This is my first title above the Super 300 level. I lost many big finals in the last three-four years. It was hard but I kept the faith.” – Jonatan Christie
  • “By going to Bangkok (to prepare for Thailand Masters)!” – Daniel Marthin on how he plans to celebrate
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Q: What is the next tournament for Liu Sheng Shu and Zhang Shu Xian?
A: Liu Sheng Shu and Zhang Shu Xian will be participating in the highly anticipated PRINCESS SIRIVANNAVARI Thailand Masters 2023.

Q: How did Liu Sheng Shu perform at the BWF World Junior Championships?
A: Liu Sheng Shu demonstrated her skill and ability by winning the women’s doubles event with Wang Ting Ge and the mixed doubles event with Zhu Yi Jun.

Q: Who were Liu Sheng Shu’s opponents in the women’s doubles final?
A: Liu Sheng Shu and Zhang Shu Xian faced former world No.1s Yuki Fukushima and Sayaka Hirota in the women’s doubles final.


Liu Sheng Shu and Zhang Shu Xian’s extraordinary victory at the DAIHATSU Indonesia Masters 2023 has cemented their place among the badminton elite. Their remarkable performance, despite being newly paired, showcases their immense potential. As they prepare for the upcoming PRINCESS SIRIVANNAVARI Thailand Masters 2023, badminton enthusiasts eagerly anticipate witnessing their continued success on the international stage.

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