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Singapore Displays Resilience in Sudirman Cup Opener

Singapore made an impressive comeback in their group match against Spain on the opening day of the Vivo BWF Sudirman Cup. The 14th edition of the tournament kicked off with a roaring reception from the crowd at the Nissan Sports Center, Dongguan. The match between China’s Xu Chen/Ma Jin and Germany’s Michael Fuchs/Birgit Michels set the tone for an action-packed week.

Exciting Matches and Comebacks

The opening session witnessed several thrilling contests. Singapore, who finished ninth in the previous Sudirman Cup, found themselves trailing 0-2 against Spain. However, they showcased their composure and fought back to win the remaining three matches. In sub-group 1A, China dominated against Germany with a convincing 5-0 win. Israel and Japan also secured victories against Kazakhstan and Russia in sub-groups 4B and 1B respectively. In sub-group 2A, Netherlands rallied from 0-1 down to defeat Canada 3-2.

Closest Match of the Session: Singapore vs. Spain

The Singapore-Spain match offered an intense battle. Pablo Abian gave Spain an early advantage with a commanding victory over Derek Wong in Men’s Singles. World champion Carolina Marin extended Spain’s lead with a dominant performance against Yeo Jia Min in Women’s Singles. However, Singapore’s Hendra Wijaya and Terry Hee fought back in Men’s Doubles, triumphing over Pablo Abian and Luis Enrique Penalver. In Women’s Doubles, Clara Azurmendi and Carolina Marin had a chance to secure victory for Spain but failed to capitalize, resulting in a 2-2 tie. Finally, Chayut Triyachart and Shinta Mulia Sari sealed the win for Singapore with a convincing victory over Ernesto Velazquez and Beatriz Corrales.

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Triyachart expressed his surprise and satisfaction with the team’s performance, especially in the Women’s Doubles category. He acknowledged the pressure they faced but remained confident in their ability to overcome the situation.

Thrilling Match between Netherlands and Canada

The match between Netherlands and Canada also provided plenty of excitement. Alex Bruce and Toby Ng gave Canada an early lead in Mixed Doubles. However, Mark Caljouw’s hard-fought victory over Andrew D’Souza in Men’s Singles and Jacco Arends and Jelle Maas’ win in Men’s Doubles turned the tide in favor of the Dutch. Commonwealth Games champion Michelle Li secured a win for Canada in Women’s Singles, but their chances of victory were dashed when Alex Bruce and Phyllis Chan fell to Eefje Muskens and Selena Piek in the final Women’s Doubles face-off.

Israel Emerges Victorious in a Close Contest

Israel emerged triumphant in their match against Kazakhstan, thanks to Misha Zilberman’s impressive performance in Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles alongside Ariel Shainski. Zilberman expressed his admiration for his mother, who also serves as his coach, and the valuable lessons she has taught him both on and off the court.

China and Japan Dominate

Favorites China and Japan started their Sudirman Cup campaigns with dominant performances. China comfortably defeated Germany in all five matches without dropping a single game. Japan faced a minor setback when Hiroyuki Endo and Kenichi Hayakawa lost in Men’s Doubles against Russia, but they quickly rebounded to secure victory in the remaining matches.


The opening day of the Vivo BWF Sudirman Cup showcased thrilling matches and comebacks. Singapore’s resilience against Spain, Netherlands’ triumph over Canada, Israel’s hard-fought victory against Kazakhstan, and the dominant performances of China and Japan set the stage for an exciting week of badminton. Stay tuned for more updates and results on

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  1. What is the Vivo BWF Sudirman Cup?
    The Vivo BWF Sudirman Cup is a prestigious badminton tournament that brings together teams from different nations to compete in mixed team events.

  2. Which countries performed well on the opening day?
    Singapore, China, Israel, Netherlands, and Japan had notable performances on the opening day of the Sudirman Cup.

  3. Who are the favorites to win the Sudirman Cup?
    China and Japan are considered the top contenders to win the Sudirman Cup due to their strong badminton traditions and talented players.

  4. Where can I find the latest results of the Sudirman Cup?
    For the latest results of the Sudirman Cup, visit the official Carnegiecentre website.

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